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Chapter 1
“You’re… still so tight…”
he grunted as he thrust deeply into her…
He held her thighs, opening it wider just to accommodate
his size… he doesn’t care if the girl under him is
suffering because of the excruciating pain his rough
thrusts were giving… all he wants is for his needs to be
“Unngh… Jiyong… ahh… please not… too rough… it’s painful…”
She pleaded as she arched her back and push up her hips off
the bed hoping that it would help ease the pain… she threw
her head side by side as his thrusts became faster and
“Arghh… you don’t have any rights… to complain… just shut
the f*ck up… and enjoy the pleasure… uhhh… I’m giving to
He said as he almost pulled out his member and then ramming
deeply into her causing her to scream in pain.
For him it maybe pleasure but for her it’s a suffering that
she knows she will never get to escape from…
He massaged her breast roughly as he sucked and licked on
her neck… leaving red marks on it… her hands were just
clawed on the bed sheets waiting for everything to end
quickly… tears started to roll down from the side of her
eyes as the man above her continuously abuse her fragile
Since when did her life become like this…? Back then she
was a happy, innocent girl… not until she met him… all when
she was married to him… to Kwon Jiyong…
Even though it’s only been a month since they were married…
all she experience from him is nothing but pain… not only
physically but especially emotionally…
He’s the one who took away her virginity… her innocence in
the least expected way.
She bit her lip suppressing any moans to got out from her
mouth… he loves it when he hears her moans… he noticed it
when he felt her stiffened… he looked up to her and an evil
smirk formed in his lips.
He held both of her cheeks with his hand, squeezing it to
release her from biting her lip.
“Moan for me… I know you really like it…”
He said before ramming hard in her…. He succeeded… a loud
moan escaped from her throat.
“Ungghh…! Jiyong… please stop…”
She said between her moans… he really loves it when he sees
her in pain… he held her hips as his pace became faster…
she moaned endlessly as she felt her insides tightening….
“F*ck…! I’m going to come…!”
He said as he made his last thrust… releasing his hot seeds
inside her hole…
He screamed as he completely came inside her…
thrusting more to make sure he releases everything….
He rested for a while… still on top of her and his member
inside her… both of them are panting… the sheets were
drenched with their fluids and sweat…
Her eyes were half opened… totally tired from the night’s
suffering… but he’s still not satisfied… maybe he had a
hard day today… maybe he and his lover got into a fight
He got up on his knees as he pulled the girl under him… he
rolled her over… lying her on her stomach… he shifted his
position… now facing her back… he pulled up her bottom and
penetrated from her back…
“Ahhh…! Jiyong…!”
The girl screamed as he thrust in her hard… he held her
hips to make her stay still while the girl under him kept
on panting and crying endlessly… her hands still gripping
on the sheets… seeking for help even though no one could
help her….
Sobs and slapping of bodies were only could be heard inside
the room…
“You… want this… right….ughhh… that’s why you agreed…. To marry me…! Answer me…!”
He said between his moans as he reached for her hair and
pulled her to face him… the bed shook continuously as he
rammed in her wildly…
She screamed… a smirk formed in his lips again… he thrust
faster and deeper until her body trembled from so much pain.
“I….uhhh…! Never expect me… to love you… slut…!”
He said as he let go of her hair harshly and spread her
legs more as his thrusts fasten it’s pace….
“I… know…”
She whispered… she couldn’t do anything about it… but to
take every painful words he say…. He always makes her
remember that he’ll never love her… she didn’t care if he
doesn’t love her… all she needs from him is a little
He felt his inside tightening… hinting that he’s near his
climax once again…. His pace became faster… as the girl
under him became lifeless… only moans and sobs could be
heard from her…
“Ughhh…! Taeyeon-ah…!”
Finally… with his last full thrust, he shot all of his hot
seeds in her again…
He collapsed on her back… panting and sweating… trying to
regain his strength…
A last drop of tear came out from her eye… as she felt him
pulling out from her and rolling to the other side… his
back facing her as he pulled the sheets to cover his body…
he doesn’t even dare to check on her if she’s okay…
Even a kiss to soothe her aching body was completely
ignored for he already got what he wants from her tonight…
She rolled to her side facing his back… she heard his
snores indicating he’s already asleep.
“I’m Yoona… you should have at least thinking of me whenever
we do it…”
She whispered not expecting an answer from him…
She turned back as she wrapped herself with the blanket….
Curling herself into a ball… trying to suppress her sobs
afraid that it would wake him up and abuse her again.
Title: The Green-Eyed-Monsters
Genre: drama, three-shot
Rating: pg-13
Characters: SNSD, 2PM
Word count: 4399
Summary: Jessica picks a fight with Tiffany that gets out of hand.

    Jessica Jung sat sleepily with her head resting against the warm window in the van. The sun shining through made it difficult to sleep so she opted for just staring vacantly at the passing scenery. The other girls were either chatting or listening to their respective ipods. They all had overslept when their leader hadn’t woken them up like she normally did. Jessica didn’t mind though, the extra hour of sleep was more than welcome.

    “Oh,” Her neighbor suddenly bringing Jessica’s attention back to earth, “do you think we can get the boys to buy us breakfast after the shoot?”

    Jessica shifted so she could look at Tiffany Hwang more comfortably. She doubted the members of 2PM would give in and buy all nine of them breakfast. Even if two of them were dating Tiffany and herself.

    “Yeah they would escort us to the snack table.” Jessica responded cynically.

    “Maybe Nichkhun and I could sneak out while everyone else is busy.” Tiffany whispered with a large smile.

    “If you do you have to bring me back something decent.” Jessica warned, “I would hate to have to foil your little rendezvous.”

    “I can see the building!” Sunny shouted out briefly taking her eyes off her cell phone, “Everyone get ready.”

    Jessica groaned inwardly. She dreaded days like these when they had to literally run from schedule to schedule do to their tardiness. The van slowed to a stop outside the building. Sunny opened the doors and was the first into the building. The rest followed at a less hectic pace, Jessica being the slowest. They had to dress quickly then rush through make-up and hair. Chansung greeted Jessica as she stepped into the waiting room. She smiled back happily before giving him a hug.

    “Why are you so late?” He asked jovially.

    “Our Umma didn’t wake us up.” Jessica whined into his shoulder, “We didn’t even get to eat breakfast this morning.”

    “Oh really,”He lowered his voice, “wanna get lunch with me later?”


    “Okay let’s start this!” Her manager called out gathering everyone in to the studio.

    She smiled and played it up for the photo shoot. Normally she loved to come to these, but she just couldn’t get into it this time. She waited at the snack table with Sooyoung eating before all the decent food was gone. YoonA was stepping up onto the platform with Chansung to start the couple pictures.

    “Just a few more minutes until we get to eat a real breakfast.” Sooyoung sighed.

    “Not for Taeyeon, YoonA and Sunny. They have to be somewhere immediately after they finish.” Jessica commented.

    “Hey Jessica if I give you some money do you think you can get me rice cakes?” Sooyoung looked at her pleadingly.

    “The closest store is more than fifteen minutes away. I am not walking down the street in this stupid school uniform. You can find the snack machines if you hurry.” Jessica crossed her arms and watched as Tiffany took her turn with Chansung. Sooyoung was still begging but Jessica had stopped listening to her. Her focus was on the girl giggling and cutting up with her man. Jessica was jealous. She’d admit it. Everyone knew Tiffany was a born flirt. She didn’t do it on purpose and Jessica knew better than to take her small touches and eyes smiles to heart.

    “Jessica fix your face.” Sooyoung said getting Jessica’s attention again, “If looks could kill that one would have been an atomic bomb.”

    Jessica closed her eyes getting her emotions in check then quickly put on a face of indifference. She wished Tiffany could understand how she felt about this. She wished there was something she could do to make her friend think more about her actions. Nickhun was leaning cooly against the wall near the emergency exit, his eyes closed slightly. Jessica left the shikshin to lean against the wall with him. She crossed her arms pretending to watch the shoot.

    “What are you doing next weekend?” Jessica asked casually.

    “We have a schedules in the morning. We should be done by two or three.” He answered not bothering to look at her. She didn’t care.

    “Why don’t you and Chansung come over? Everyone, but Tiffany, Hyo and myself will be out. We’ll fix dinner for you.”

    “I’ll bring the movies.”

    “Agreed.” Jessica stood up straight and returned to the snack table to fight Sooyoung for the last sandwich.

    Tiffany had felt Jessica’s pointed glare on her and had tried to play it off. She assumed as long as she didn’t look at Jessica then she wouldn’t be turned to stone. Chansung seemed to have noticed as well. He bent down to talk into Tiffany’s ear.

    “What did you do to her?” He asked worriedly.

    “I don’t know.” Tiffany heard Sooyoung tell her to stop and let out a relieved breath. While the photographer was still trying to decided which prop they should use Tiffany saw Jessica walk over to Nickhun.

    “I heard you haven’t had breakfast yet.” Chansung said trying to start a conversation.

    Tiffany smiled at him and nodded cutely, “I was going to sneak out with Nickhun. That’s why he’s standing near the door.”

    “Hold this.” The PD said handing them a heart shaped ballon.

    “Cute.” Tiffany said as she snatched it away.
    Tiffany stepped off the stage and practically ran to the dressing rooms. Jessica followed her. She had made up her mind and was going to confront Tiffany about her flirtatious ways. Inside the dressing room Jessica sent a hateful glare to Seohyun who quickly left.

    “Tiffany I want to ask you something.” Jessica said causing Tiffany to jump.

    “I didn’t know you followed me. Jeez go a head.” Tiffany held a hand to her racing heart.

    “Are you still together with Nickhun?”

    “Yeah why in the world would you ask such a silly question?”

    “Why do you still flirt with everyone? I mean could you have been more obvious?”

    “I wasn’t flirting with anyone!” Tiffany shouted.

    “You could at least have some respect for the guys that are already taken. Why can’t you grow some sense in that mushroom brain?”

    “Is this about Chansung? I didn’t have any control over what props they tell us to hold and being cute is my specialty. If you’re going to blame someone blame Elite.” Tiffany paused to look into Jessica’s cold eyes, “Are you jealous Jessica Jung?”

    When she didn’t answer Tiffany laughed. She grabbed her bag and went behind the curtain to change clothes. Tiffany giggled as she applied more makeup.

    “Oh come on Jess like I would ever want to date Chansung.” Tiffany turned around then leaned on the vanity to wait for Jessica comfortably. The carefully placed mask Jessica normally had was completely gone. She didn’t understand why she was so angry with what Tiffany said.

    “So Chansung isn’t good enough? First you flirt with him right in front of my face then you tell me you don’t even like him.” Jessica clenched her fist trying to hold in her anger. It wasn’t working very well.

    “Get over yourself.” Tiffany looked at her with a mix of fear and confusion, “I have Nick, remember? What is wrong with you?”

    “Think about your actions for a second.” Jessica kept her voice calm above all else, “All the giggles, touches, those damn eye smiles.”

    “That’s just how I am. You know that better than anyone. I treat Chansung the same way I treat everyone.” Tiffany’s fear left as Jessica seemed to be simmering down. The blonde girl took notice of her friend’s relaxed posture and it pissed her off more. She gritted her teeth and sucker punched her in the stomach. The wind was knocked out her causing her to double over clutching her stomach.

    “Liar.” Jessica hissed, “Do it again I dare you.”

    Jessica opened the but didn’t step out. She turned to look at Tiffany one last time. She was gasping for air on the floor. Jessica’s frustrations weren’t completely gone but she felt better for some reason. Tiffany wasn’t afraid of Jessica and looked up into her eyes. It was a challenge. Jessica smirked as she walked out. They haven’t fought like this in nearly a year. They have been to busy to fight. Seohyun brushed past Jessica on her way back to the room. She heard a gasp and imagined the magnae running over to Tiffany on the floor.

    “Jessica-yah!” Sooyoung shouted waving the girl over, “You’ve changed, wonderful. How about getting me those rice cakes now? I tip good.”

    “No way.” Jessica answered, “Where’s Chansung?”

    “Three steps away.” He answered to her left. She smiled and embraced him.

    “I’m sorry baby.” She whispered, “I didn’t mean to glare at you during the shoot.”

    “Don’t worry about it.” His attention was diverted when Tiffany stumbled out of the dressing room, Seohyun behind her, “Is Tiffany alright?”

    Jessica looked over her shoulder, “She probably tripped over something. You know how clumsy she can be.”

    They watched as she walked over the Nickhun. After a minute of reassuring him they escaped out the side door. With a quick look at Jessica Seohyun wandered around the studio. When their leader look a break on the cold metal chairs lined along the wall the magnae followed.

    “Taeyeon onni I think something bad happened between Tiffany and Jessica.” She explained as her eyes darted around the room to locate Jessica in case she was within hearing range.

    “I’m sure they will work through it. They always makeup after a couple of days.” Taeyeon patted Seohyun’s head, “You worry too much.”

    “This one feels different.”

Part 2

    Taeyeon sighed into the handphone as she pulled it away from her ear and shoved it back into her pocket. She walked to the space between the kitchen and the living room where her voice would carry through out the dorm.

    “Kids it’s time to go!” She yelled. Yuri approached her with a gym bag thrown over her shoulder.

    “Reporting and ready for dance practice leader.” She joked.

    “Kibum oppa said our whole studio is being closed for renovations. We’ll be sharing a dance room at a building owned by YG.” Taeyeon looked around for signs of the rest of the girls, “We should really leave now.”

    “I wonder which artist it is. A boy band would be nice.” Yuri mused.

    “I doubt we’ll even see who it is.” Frustrated at being late again Taeyeon shouted one last time then picked up her own bag and headed to the door, “Let’s go Yuri.”

    “Me and Taeng are leaving!” Yuri shouted right before slamming the door as hard as she could. The pair walked to the elevator and pushed the down button. A stampede of feet and several shouts could be heard as the stepped in and watched the doors slowly close.


    Hyoyeon excitedly led the way through the maze of hallways to the room they were assigned. Over their loud chatter music could be heard from their room as they drew near. Yuri ran ahead of Hyoyeon and flung open the doors. All five members of Big Bang stopped their routine and turned to face the girls.

    “We’ll be finished in five more minutes.” Jiyoung said turning around to restart the dance.

    Daesung squealed like a little girl then blushed, “I think I’m in heaven.”

    “There’s no rush.” Taeyeon said pointing for the girls to start moving to the right side of the room.

    Hyoyeon sat down in the middle of the group with Yoona and Seohyun. She watched Daesung as he pulled all the stops to impress the girls, most of which were paying him any attention at all. From the corner of her eye she saw Tiffany stick out her tongue. She looked to the direction it was sent at see Jessica flipping the bird. A stifled laugh came from one of the boys. Hyoyeon held her breath as Taeyeon flew up from her seat almost tackling Jessica in the process. Tiffany laughed at the clumsy leader but stopped immediately after receiving a sharp jab in the ribs by Sunny.

    “I better not see you do that ever again.” Taeyeon threatened, “You two need to makeup. I’m sick of all your bickering.”

    “You’re not my mother.” Jessica replied looking down at the shorter girl.

    “I’m warning you Jessica. I will not put up with this.” She smirked suddenly, “Would you like me to call your mother? Getting her involved would take a load off my back.”

    “You know what. I don’t even care.” Jessica said to Taeyeon dismay, “She started it. If you want this to end make her apologize.”

    Hyoyeon’s attention went back to the boys as Taeyeon continued to attempt to lecture to Jessica. They had turned off the music and were now packing their bags. Daesung walked over to Yoona to try to start a conversation as Seungri looked toward Hyoyeon.

    “I-I think you dance very well.” He stuttered.

    “Thank you.” She said politely not really wanting to talk to him, “So do you.”

    “Do you think you could teach me to pop?”

    Hyoyeon grinned, “Sure, but I’m a tough teacher.”

    “I think I’ll survive noona.” He bowed before running back to his leader happily.

    When practice was over everyone left except Hyoyeon. She liked to stay late and practice her own style of dancing. She took out her ipod and put the tiny earphones in her ears. She started off with a few warm-up moves before truly getting into the music. Twenty minutes into it she didn’t hear the door open and a guy enter the room. He walked right passed her and put in his own earphones. She watched him dance in the mirrored wall.

    He’s gotten better, she thought. A smile played across her face and she started to move closer to him. She matched his moves and challenged him to keep up with her until the song changed to something slow. A wave of nostalgia washed over her. It was comforting knowing that they would be able to meet up like this after such a long time apart. She laughed and took her earphones out. He just looked at her blankly and did the same.

    “It’s good to see you improving Youngbae.” She complimented.

    “Don’t call me that.” He said quietly then put his earphones back in and went back to practicing.

    “Fine then Taeyang.” Hyoyeon picked up her towel not in the mood to practice anymore.

    She sat in the lobby waiting for her ride. Her managers were in a meeting and finding a driver took longer than expected. She wasn’t about to walk in the dark streets and she didn’t have the fair for the bus. Her only option was to wait. She scrolled through the music on her iPod looking for a song that fit her mood but only ended up shuffling past everything. A shadow came over her so she looked up into the soft brown eyes of Youngbae. Her heart fluttered for a beat.

    “You’re still here?” He asked not showing any emotion.

    “I’m waiting for my driver.”She replied looking back down, “Why do you care?”

    “Alright I’ll see you.” He turned his back to her and proceeded through the double doors.

    “You’ve changed Youngbae.” She whispered to herself.


    Saying the kitchen had been through a tornado would have been a compliment. Hyoyeon could hear the shower running and the TV blaring. Whoever had made this mess had expected someone else to clean it up.

    “Were you guys raised in a barn?” She called out to the three in front of the television.

    “No.” Yuri answered.

    “Who made this mess? I’ll be damned if I’m cleaning it up.”

    “Jessica did.” Yoona replied through a laugh.

    “Where is she?” Hyoyeon crossed her arms even more pissed now, “Who let her cook?”

    “She’s in the shower.” Seohyun pointed behind her not looking away from the screen, “Now stop talking the TV is on.”

    Hyoyeon almost ran over to unplug the loud, big screen. Instead she walked to her room to wait for her roommate to get out of the shower. She sprawled across the bed and closed her eyes. Being alone with Youngbae had brought back some happy memories of when they were trainees, but his attitude has completely changed. It was like he had become a different person.

    “You back already?” Taeyeon asked before joining her on the bed, “You’re lucky you weren’t here.”

    “Why?” Hyoyeon wanted to laugh.

    “Didn’t you see the kitchen? I thought we were all going to die.” She exaggerated.

    “It’s your own fault for letting Jessica cook.”

    “Trust me if I knew what she was up to I would have stopped it.” Taeyeon flopped down on her back, “As soon as we got back Tiffany started to pick on Jessica. Saying things like how unlucky Chansung would be if he ever married Jessica because she can’t cook. I thought Jessica ignored her because she went straight to her room like always. While I was taking my shower I could smell this awful burning smell. I thought the apartment was on fire so I jumped out and ran into the living room with shampoo still in my hair. Turned out to be Jessica scrapping something off the frying pan.”

    “Then what?” Hyoyeon was smiling as she tried to imagine what had happened.

    “Well I told her wait until I was finished getting the shampoo out of my hair and I would help her cook whatever she wanted. But you know how stubborn she can be. When I come back it looked like something exploded. There was this thick gunk everywhere. I thought I was going to cry. She cleaned most of it up before you got here.”

    “And no one else saw what happened?”

    “I have a feeling two people did, but they won’t say a word.” Taeyeon pouted.

    “Jessica probably threatened to make them eat that stuff.” Hyoyeon laughed to herself.

    “Do me a favor, since you are her roommate, and find out why she is fighting with Tiffany.” Taeyeon got up and left the room mentally tired.

    Hyoyeon stood outside their room, freshly showered, gathering the courage to try to delve into the mind belonging to Jessica. Many people have tried, failed and even suffered injury trying to attempt this. She took a deep breath and scurried into the room quickly shutting the door behind her. Jessica looked up at her hesitantly.

    “Jessica we need to talk.” She stated sternly.

    “I promise the kitchen will be spotless tomorrow. My arm hurts right now and that’s the only reason I stopped.” Jessica blurted in one breath.

    “Why are you and Tiffany fighting?” Hyoyeon continued.

    “Oh.” Jessica sat up, “I caught her flirting with my boyfriend. When I confronted her she denied it.”

    “When did this happen?”

    “At the Elite photo shoot.”

    Hyoyeon made her way to her bed, “I remember seeing you follow her to the dressing room. She was really shaken up when she came out.”

    “I punched her after she denied the truth.” Hyoyeon thought she was joking and let out a hardy laugh, “I’m being serious!”

    “Sorry.” Hyoyeon cleared her throat, “I think you two and Chansung should sit down and have a talk about this.”

    “Why I’d just KO her.”

    “Why do you have to be so violent?”

    “Fine go talk to her for me.” Jessica pulled the comforter up and turned off her lamp, “Now.”

    With a long sigh Hyoyeon obeyed. She walked out of the room carefully closing the door behind her. She walked down the hall a bit before spotting Seohyun coming her way with a solemn expression on her face.

    “You too?” Hyoyeon called out. With a small nod the pair shuffled their feet to the couch.

    “Would Tiffany want to apologize by some tiny chance?” Hyoyeon started.

    “No, Jessica?” Seohyun asked sleepily.

    “Why would she want to apologize? Tiffany is the one that’s been flirting with Chansung.”

    “That’s not what Tiffany told me. She said that Jessica was jealous because she was posing with him. All she did was whisper to him.”

    “That’s silly Jessica said Tiffany was defiantly all over him.”

    “When I went in the dressing room when Jessica left I found Tiffany on the ground gasping for air.”

    “Well if someone was trying still my boyfriend I would want to hurt them too.”

    “I would have given her a black eye.” Yuri added from the kitchen. Seohyun and Hyoyeon looked over the edge of the couch, “What? Did you think we had gone to bed?”

    “Seriously, I agree with Yuri.” Yoona said from the table. Sooyoung and Sunny were beside her.

    “I don’t. I mean hitting someone over a whisper, how stupid.” Sooyoung said.

    “I would understand if it was a kiss or something major.” Sunny added.

    They all started arguing at each other loudly. Taeyeon came out of her room and stood in the hall way. She watched as they yelled at each other trying to make out more than the names Tiffany and Jessica. It was starting to give her a headache so she went back into her room and pulled out her bullhorn. It was for emergencies only, but she felt like she would really need it. She stepped back into the hall and put her ear plugs in then pressed the button that activated the alarm on the horn. The six girls in the kitchen hit the floor and covered their ears. When she was satisfied she turned it off.

    “Bed. Now.” She shouted into the horn and walked back into her shared room. The rest followed suit.

Part 3

    They didn’t think Taeyeon could hear their whispers, but she could. They also didn’t think she could see the bet tally they tried to hide under the cushions of the couch. This was starting to get out of hand. It had been going on for almost a month now. She walked in to the hall of their apartment building and sat down on the staircase. She opened up her phone and called the only person she could think of that could help. The manager she went to for all her problems, Kibum, came walking up the stairs thirty minutes later. She quickly summed up the situation and took him into the dorm. A deathly silence filled the air. They all knew they were in trouble now. He took Jessica and Tiffany out into the hall to speak with them in private. Taeyeon was to take care of the rest. She stood before them clearly pissed off.

    “Do you want to cooperate with me or will I have to ask Oppa to talk with you as well?” Taeyeon asked eyeing each of them. All of them nodded clearly terrified.

    “Good. Give me the tally under the couch.” She ordered. They handed it over and watched her tear it up, “Now when those two come back in the room there will no longer be a problem between them and you guys will no longer talk about the subject.”

    “So this never happened right?” Sunny suggested.

    “Right and understand this, if you weren’t listening to anything I just said, if I hear or even think you are talking about this situation at anytime there will be major consequences.”

    “Yes mom.” They all said in unison.

    “Dismissed.” Taeyeon ended.

    Kibum crossed his arms as he leaned against the wall. After listening to both sides of the story he almost felt like laughing at the stupidness of it. He started by reassuring Jessica no one was trying to steal her boyfriend, aside from a few obsessed fans. Then he turned to Tiffany.

    “Tiffany I want you to apologize to Jessica.” He said calmly.

    She hesitated as she really opposed the idea of giving Jessica the satisfaction. Kibum cleared his throat then set a hand on her shoulder. She looked up into his serious eyes.

    “If you two don’t make up I can always ask Sooman-ssi to have all you girl sign a contract forbidding you from dating for a few years just like Yang Hyunsuk makes his artists do.” He threatened.

    “I’m sorry Jessie.” Tiffany said immediately yet fearfully.

    “Now it’s your turn Jessica. Apologize for hitting her.”

    “I’m sorry for hitting you Tiffany.”

    “I forgive you.” Tiffany hugged her tight, “Let’s not fight over boys again. I like dating to much to sign it away.”

    “Will you stop flirting with every male that moves?” Jessica asked.

    “I promise I wasn’t flirting with him. Jessie please believe me.” Tiffany’s big teary eyes softened Jessica’s heart.

    “It better not happen again.” Jessica finally hugged her back. The two followed their manager into the dorm then split up. Taeyeon approached Kibum with a smile on her little face.

    “You did it!” She praised, “Thank you so much.”

    “No problem.” He patted her head lovingly, “Next time call me before it goes on this long.”

    “Yes sir.” Taeyeon beamed, “How did you do it?”

    “I threatened to make everyone sign a no dating contract.”

    “Like YG?”


    “That would suck.” Sooyoung commented as she passed by.

    “My poor Sungminnie would die without me.” Sunny also said.

    “Then the world would end.” Sooyoung laughed, “Aigoo my stomach!”

    “Stop laughing it’s not funny!” Sunny hit her arm until she shoved her away and kept walking down the hall.

    In the middle of the night a feint light could be seen underneath the door of Yuri and Sunny’s bedroom. Giggles and hushed whispered could be heard in one put their ear to the door.

    “Who won?” Sooyoung asked above the rest. They all watched as Yuri pulled out a piece of paper from between the pages of a book on the night stand.

    “First put all the prizes in the middle of the bed.” Yuri ordered. The prizes ranged from money to  treasured objects, “Sooyoung….”

The shikshin jumped up ready to pounce on her bounty.

    “You are not the winner.” Yuri giggled and dodged a pillow thrown at her, “Alright, alright the winner is Juhyun.”

    “Seriously? No fair.” Sooyoung pouted.

    A knock on the door made all of them to jump out of their skin and the light to flicker off quickly.

    “What’s going on in there?” Taeyeon’s groggy voice grumbled, “Go to bed!”

Three Promises

Title: Three Promises
Genre: one-shot
Rating: pg
Characters: Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny, Jiyong
Word count: 956
Summary: Kwon Jiyong tries ease Taeyeon's jealous mind.

JiYong stood outside the SM studio. His eyes darted over the people coming and going from the building. He adjusted his hat and surreptitiously moved behind one of the concrete pillars. He rubbed his chilled hands together trying to warm them up. He had been pacing around the front doors since his feet mysteriously brought him here. It was now getting dark outside and the temperature had been dropping steadily by the hour. JiYong looked around the pillar to see if the security guard was still watching him. Then he quickly moved back and began jumping in place. He was starting to doubt whether or not he would be able to get in the building.

Tiffany and Sunny had been giggling at him from inside the building. They were on their way out when Tiffany had spotted him. They slipped out the door and walked around the pillar. Sunny had to hold her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing.

“JiYong?” Tiffany whispered, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing.” He whispered back then suddenly froze. He looked over his shoulder, “Tiffany, Sunny?”

“Seriously what are you doing?” Tiffany said again.

“I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to run inside...or if I have to wait until TaeYeon comes out.” He relaxed and leaned his back on the pillar.

“We could help you in.” Sunny said excitedly, “She’s been so depressed lately. I hope you can cheer her up.”

“Come on.” Tiffany grabbed hold of both her friends hands and pulled them inside. She took a guest pass off the front desk and flashed an eye smile at the security guard. He smiled back and let them continue to the elevators.

“Third floor, fifth room on the left.” Sunny said patting his shoulder before running off with Tiffany.

JiYong smiled thankful for their help and got in the elevator. The ride seemed to last a life time. When the doors opened her dashed out into the vacant hall. Stopped outside the room she was in and listened as she rehearsed her the solo she would have to record the following day.

“I was afraid of how your heart might change and we might grow farther apart. I was such a fool, not able to tell you I loved you. Most likely because I was afraid of the hurt and sadness I would receive after we meet.”

He slowly slid open the door and tip-toed behind TaeYeon. He lifted his hands and put them over her eyes. She gasped and started to struggle against him. He let her go giggling to himself.

“Guess who?” He said innocently.

“How did you get in here?” She breathed holding a hand against her speeding heart.

“I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to visit you at work.” He stuck out his lip and gave her his best puppy dog eyes.

“You know what I meant. SM and YG aren’t on the best terms right now. You could get in big trouble if they knew where you were.”

“I missed you.” He gave her a tight hug, “I couldn’t help myself.”

“Don’t be silly we saw each other yesterday.” She moved away from him, “I need to practice.”

“TaeYeon why are being so uncaring?” He sat down on the sofa and pulled her onto his lap, “Is something bothering you?”

“No. I really need to practice.” She wouldn’t look at JiYong.

“Everyone is worried about you.” He stroked her back in a soothing manner.

“I saw you with that girl…” She huffed quietly leaning into his touch.

“Which one?”

“Min SunYe.”

“Sweet cheeks you know we are just friends. She’s like one of the guys.” He laughed and pulled her down to lean on him, “You’re the only one for me.”

“That’s not what it looked like when I saw you.” She watched JiYong pull his phone out, “What are you doing?”

“Here call anyone in my phone.” He thrust the tiny phone into her hands, “Ask anyone who my girls is.”

She tossed the phone onto the cushion and looked into his eyes. She knew even if she called every single contact in his phone and they said her name it wouldn’t relieve the awful feeling in her gut. She wanted to trust him. She really did, but past relationships taught her otherwise.

“I already know what they will say.” She moved her focus to a spot on the wall just beyond his head, “This just feels like déjà vu for some reason.”

“I’m not like those other guys you’ve been with.” He took her hand and kissed it, “I promised on the day we got together three things. Do you remember?”

“How could I forget,” She blushed lightly, “You promised to always tell me good morning and good night, to always be by my side and to never break your promises.”

He tilted his head up and kissed her cheek, “Do I need to say them everyday so you can’t forget?”

“I’m sorry.” She buried her head on his chest, “I’m so sorry I doubted you.”

“It’s okay baby.” He smiled and held her close, “Next time come to me first. I don’t want to see you like this ever again.”

“It won’t happen again, JiYongie.” She looked up and kissed his lips, “Now I really do have to practice.”

“But I don’t want to leave. Can’t we just sit like this all night?” He groaned.

“No. The kids would be here faster than you could say my name if I wasn’t home before midnight.” She said getting off his lap and picking her music sheet up, “You can stay until I’m finished then take me home if you want to.”

“I wouldn’t leave you for the world.”

Saturday, August 14, 2010

the jerk prince

“y-you…” whispered kibum in shock as the guy in front of him smirked leaning closer.

“miss me?” asked the guy pulling kibum harshly by his waist toward him.

After like two hours since the gifts arrived from the north kingdom, yoochun, the young prince couldn’t take “junko” out from his mind, “she” looked so perfect in his eyes, and he even could imagine her already in his bed.

He couldn’t wait any longer so getting off his chair in his royal room, he walked out and made his way straight toward the king’s office, he’s appa’s office. He knocked on the door and walked in not even waiting for his appa to call him in.

That was yoochun, a spoiled jerk prince who can get all what he wants in one word, everyone does as he please and as he want, but he didn’t know that “someone” is not like everyone.

“appa…I need to talk with you” said yoochun directly ignoring the 3 royal counsels who were standing in front of the king’s disk and discussing about something important.

“can’t you see I’m in a middle of an important meeting son?” asked the king kind of madly voice.

“aww~ but I need to talk with you now~…can’t wait~” pouted yoochun the usual pout he make trying to get his appa’s attention which worked. The kings sighed and pointed at the 3 royal counsels to go for now, so bowing a little they left and closed the office door behind them.

“so…what is it this time?” asked the king as yoochun took a seat in front of him.

“I need a maid” said yoochun simply making his appa give him a killer stare.

“new maid?!...that’s what you want to talk about yoochun?!! maid?!!” asked the king madly while yoochun kept nodding innocently.

“yes appa…I need a new one”

“and what happened to tiffany?!” asked the king hitting the disk with his palm.

“I don’t want her anymore~” whined yoochun pouting again.

“what do you mean you don’t want her anymore?!...she’s new yoochun!!” said this time the king louder, he can’t believe how much he spoiled his kid, he never looked like yunho who is more responsible and good kid. But when yoochun pout like this, when he whine like this, he just can’t say no. so sighing deeply the king said again “fine…which maid do you want?”

“I want one from the new maids we got”

“fine…go to heechul he’s taking care of the new maids…go choose one of them…”

“great, thank you appa” yoochun was about to get up but then his appa stopped him.

“and don’t change her fast this time!!”

Yoochun didn’t answer, he just nodded and headed out quickly, he can’t wait to have his new maid.


Back to the north kingdom

Kibum was waitressing in the small restaurant in the village, he was bowing at the costumers who just ordered what they want before turning around to go get the order, just to bomb at someone tall.

“y-you…” whispered kibum in shock as the guy in front of him smirked leaning closer.

“miss me?” asked the guy pulling kibum harshly by his waist toward him.

“k-kyuhyun-hyung…s-stop this!” said kibum whispering while trying to pull out from the man’s hold.

“I cant…I want you baby and I want you now” said kyuhyung in to kibum’s ear making him shiver in fear more.

“p-please…don’t…I…can’t anymore~” whispered kibum trying harder, but the jerk didn’t let go, he didn’t care about the people around them, he held on kibum’s face by one hand and leaned closer trying to take his lips but before he could, someone pulled him by his shoulder and punished him in the face making him fill down harshly on the floor.

“YAH!...WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!” yelled kyuhyun at the guy who pulled kibum behind him to protect him.

“if you touch the boy again I’m going to kill you” hissed the guy madly.


“I don’t care…you were forcing him on you…and I wont let this happen” hissed the guy again holding tighter on kibum who was watching the fight between the two men. He jumped a little when he suddenly felt “him” holding on his wriest softly, he blushed and he didn’t know why, he watched the huge hand holding on his wriest strongly yet softly and he didn’t realize anything around him till he suddenly heard kyuhyung calling his name.


But kibum kept silent, he said nothing looking up at kyuhyun’s mad eyes and his “hero” who was hiding most of his face with a hat.

“KIBUM-AH WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!” yelled again kyuhyun but kibum didn’t obey which made him get angrier, and move closer to pull him but kibum’s “hero” didn’t let this happen and pushed kyuhyun away pulling kibum out from the restaurant just to be stopped by the owner.

“excuse me stranger, kibum got work to do” said the owner who was hiding behind the kitchen door like a rat.

The stranger turned his head a little and then he pulled a bag full of gold and threw it on one of the empty tables. “this is for taking him out off his work earlier” said the stranger simply and pulled kibum out ignoring kyuhyun’s yells in the back.

Kibum didn’t say a word and kept following the man who was pulling him softly by his wriest, kibum kept asking himself about this man, and if he met him anywhere before but got nothing. Just when they arrived to a black horse, a horse kibum knows it very well.

“omo!” whispered kibum pulling his hand out from the stranger’s hold making him turn around and stop in confuse.

“y-you…you….him!...” said kibum pointing at the stranger madly.

“yes…its me” said the stranger taking off his hat to show out his handsome face

“argg!...why do you keep following me?~”

“because I love you…I love you so much kibum-ah~”

“BUT I DON’T!...STOP IT ALREADY I’M TIRED OF THIS!” yelled kibum and turned to walk away but before he could changmin pulled him by his arm and carried him up to making him sit on the horse before he got on too.

“LET ME GO, PUT ME DOWN~” yelled kibum holding tightly on the horse, but changmin ignored him holding on the mace, hitting the horse who started to run away.

Kibum gasped when the horse started to run quickly and without realizing he hugging in to changmin tightly making the other man smile happily.

“STOP!...PLEASE STOP THE HORSE~!!” yelled kibum begging changmin who kept hitting the horse to go faster.

“well you date me if I stop it?” asked changmin trying to take the chance. He knew kibum doesn’t like horses and that he once fall off it which gave him fear on riding one again. Simply changmin was following him since long time.

“JUST STOP IT…PLEASE~” yelled kibum again hugging on changmin tighter

“tell me you’ll date me and I will stop it…say it kibum-ah” said changmin as the horse was still running.

“OK OK FINE I WILL JUST STOP IT~” said kibum and finally the horse stopped moving. “oh god~” sighed kibum still holding on changmin as he didn’t realize it yet, till changmin held on his wriest, he got back to reality and pulled it off quickly.

“N-NO TOUCHING!” said kibum who finally pulled off blushing like hell.

“you were the one who’s hugged me~” said changmin teasing kibum who blushed more and held tighter on the horse trying to get down but he was too afraid to jump down.

Changmin got off the horse and opened his arms at kibum with a huge smile. “come here baby”.

Kibum wanted to push him off and tell him that he can get down himself but he knew that he can’t. so he had to accept changmin’s offer and jump in to his arms, and get shocked to see their faces too close.


Yoochun the young prince walked in to the maids’ rooms hallway, he walked in and all maids stood in two lines at each of his sides bowing, old maids and new maids did together and yoochun walked in between them looked at every face to find the face he wanted to see.

“your majesty” said heechul who was standing in the middle and bowing a little at his prince.

“heechul…I’m looking for a new maid” said yoochun still looking through the maids’ faces.

“yes your majesty…all maids are under your command” said heechul bowing again.

Yoochun nodded softly and looked around again looking for the owner of the golden brown long hair. He walked farther and farther till he arrived to the end of the hallway to find “her” there, bowing at him in a strange beautiful way.

“what’s your name golden hair?” asked yoochun with a smirk taking junsu’s attention.

“junko…your majesty” answered junsu with his kind of girly voice.

“stand up junko” ordered yoochun so junsu slowly stood up straight looking in to yoochun’s eyes.

Yoochun nodded few nods before he started to turn around junsu checking out his slim body. “not bad…beautiful”

Junsu felt uncomfortable with yoochun’s stares around him, and he didn’t like how was yoochun flirting with him but he didn’t say anything since he’s nothing in here but a maid, he’s not a guy anymore, he’s not the son of the owner of the small market in their kingdom, he’s a maid now and this is his prince which he has to obey.

Yoochun moved his stares down till something took his attention, the big round butt, it made his new maid look sexier and made him wanting her more, finally after he decided what he want he pulled junsu suddenly by his waist and forced him in to his ember.

“you’ll be my new maid junko” whispered yoochun with a smirk while junsu was looking at him with wide eyes.

“y-your majesty…” junsu tried to push himself out from yoochun’s hold but yoochun held him tighter. Junsu didn’t like this, he didn’t like the idea of being held by a man, but he didn’t understand what made his heart shiver of the surprised pull.

“what’s wrong dear?’s ok…don’t be shy~” whispered again yoochun leaning closer toward junsu’s face which made junsu turn his face quickly. Yoochun smirked wider thinking that junsu was blushing.

He laughed a low laugh and moved his hand from junsu’s waist and squeezed one of junsu’s butt cheeks making junsu gasp in shock and pull himself out from his hold giving him a hard slap on the face. Something yoochun didn’t expect to happen, not him nether the maids who gasped in shock.

Accidentally In Love Chapter 3 (Super-Generation Series) Part 3

ARTIKEL, internet, dan seluruh elemen masyarakat membicarakan hal semalam. Bahkan di Youtube, video yang paling dicari adalah encore SBS Inkigayo, ketika Yuri dan Siwon berpelukan. Benar-benar, orang paling top di Korea dan sekitarnya adalah Choi Siwon dan Kwon Yuri. Dan hal ini membuat seluruh member SNSD dan Super Junior kaget.
Sooyoung dan Eunhyuk tentu saja tidak jadi melakukan skinship, karena berita Siwon dan Yuri sudah membuat Super Junior dan SNSD meroket kemana-mana. Masalahnya, kejadian kemarin itu ternyata bener-bener kecelakaan.

Flashback, Yuri’s POV
Acaranya akhirnya mau selesai, aku harus minggir kesana ah… biar bisa ngeliat jelas kalo nanti si Sooyoung dan Eunhyuk Oppa mulai beraksi. Aku agak-agak mundur ke belakang, tapi sesuatu yang buruk terjadi. Bootku tersangkut kakiku sendiri, jelas aku tidak bisa menahan keseimbangan, kurasakan kakiku berbunyi, aduh sakit sekali, pasti keseleo. Dan aku limbung ke belakang, aku akan jatuh dan menjadi pembicaraan banyak orang.
Tapi yang terjadi adalah aku tidak terjatuh, satu tangan kokoh menahanku, lebih tepatnya merengkuhku dari belakang, tepat di perutku yang terbuka. Aku memang memakai kostum dengan perut terbuka, tapi rasa tangannya yang langsung bertemu kulitku itu membuat wajahku memerah. Aku menoleh untuk melihat siapa yang menyelamatkanku, omo!
Siwon Oppa?!
Siwon Oppa berbisik di telingaku, napasnya terasa di kupingku, wajahku semakin memerah, aku gugup. ”Terlanjur! Lanjutkan saja…” bisiknya. Akhirnya aku diam saja, karena ketika aku mencoba tegak, kakiku masih sakit, jadi kubiarkan Siwon Oppa memelukku terus hingga acara berakhir. Tapi karena kakiku sakit, dan waktu Siwon Oppa melepasku aku limbung lagi, akhirnya Siwon Oppa benar-benar menyelesaikan-nya dengan menggendongku keluar dari panggung.

End of Yuri’s POV.

”Yuri! Gwenchana?!” Taeyeon teriak-teriak masuk kamar ganti.
Siwon mendudukkan Yuri di sofa, Yuri mengernyit sedikit. ”Gamsahamnida, Oppa…” ucapnya. ”Nan gwenchana, Taeyeon-ah.” Tapi wajahnya keringat dingin kesakitan.
”Apa yang terjadi?!” sekarang anak-anak Super Junior ikut masuk dan ikutan heboh. Teukie paling depan. ”Yuri? Kau kenapa? Siwon-ah!”
Siwon menjawab. ”Yuri-ssi tadi tersandung di panggung, Hyung. Kakinya keseleo, makanya waktu dia jatuh, aku menangkapnya, hanya saja posisinya…”
”Astaga! Benar-benar jadi skandal…” gumam Heechul dengan ponselnya. Lalu menunjukkan ponselnya pada Teukie. ”Langsung masuk Allkpop.”
”Jeongmal?!” pekik Sunny.
Semua langsung gedubrakan nyari laptop dan memasangkan modem masing-masing ke laptop mereka. Dan semua membaca berita yang muncul, padahal kejadian baru beberapa belas menit lalu.
Yuri meringis-ringis sendirian, sementara yang lain sibuk searching internet. Siwon menatapnya kasihan. ”Sakit ya, Yuri-ssi?”
”Ne, Oppa…”
”Hei, Yuri kesakitan ini… apa tidak lebih baik dibawa ke rumah sakit terlebih dahulu?” tanya Siwon pada seluruh member. Barulah semua member ingat, dan akhirnya Yuri bersama manajer pergi ke rumah sakit.

End of Flashback.
Dorm Super Junior, jam 06.00

”HIRONAAAAAAA!” Teukie menggetok-getok panci seperti biasa jika dia ingin mengumpulkan semua orang dengan cepat. Makin kencang diketuk olehnya, akhirnya satu persatu muncul dari kamar masing-masing dengan wajah kusut, dan mata sembab karena kurang tidur.
”Hyung berisik!” teriak Kyu.
Teukie menghela napas, dan menghitung semua membernya. Yap, pas… dua belas orang. ”Ada pengumuman!”
Semua langsung duduk di kursi dapur, dan bersandar di meja, satu dua orang melek, yang lainnya mau tidur-tidur ayam, sementara Kibum terang-terangan tidur dengan kepala ditaruh di meja.
”Kibum! Jangan tidur lagi…” kata Eeteuk sambil menggetok panci lagi.
Kibum mengangkat kepalanya. ”Aku dengerin, Hyung…” dan dia langsung berbaring lagi. Leeteuk geleng-geleng.
”Ya sudah, ada pengumuman. Jam sembilan kita rapat lagi di kantor, bareng sama SNSD. Dan untuk Siwon…” Siwon menoleh. ”Kau diundang ke acara Star King nanti malam.”
”Star King? Dadakan?”
”Kayaknya karena kajadian di SBS Inkigayo kemarin.” Jawab Leeteuk lagi. ”Yang sabar ya, Siwon.”
Eunhyuk menepuk bahu Siwon. ”Tabahkan hatimu.”
Siwon menghela napas. ”Aku dan Yuri kan tidak dekat, Hyung, apa yang harus kulakukan?”
”Ya itu terjadi diluar kendali kita semua, Siwonnie,” komentar Heechul. ”Jadi, kita tinggal tunggu si kakek Soo Man itu bilang apa. Kuharap dia sudah cukup sampai disini mengganggu SNSD.”
”Tapi bagaimana keadaan Yuri ya?” tanya Sungmin heran. ”Dia kan cidera, apa dia baik-baik saja?”
”Kuharap dia bisa cepat sembuh,” kata Siwon penuh harap. Semua member menoleh padanya.
”Siwon-ah?” tanya Donghae. ”Kau beneran suka sama Yuri, ya?”
”Aniyo!” sangkal Siwon.
”Kalau dia sakit terlalu lama, siapa yang membantuku menjelaskan masalah ini pada wartawan?”

* * *
SM Entertainment, Jam 09.00
Tiga van Super Junior sudah masuk ke dalam pelataran parkir kantor SM Entertainment, keduabelas member, minus Kibum yang sudah harus berangkat syuting lagi, van SNSD sudah tampak, berarti mereka sudah datang. Seperti biasa jika di kantor manajemen, yang punya pacar harus berakting seperti single. Di kantor sudah ada Shinee, yang nggak tau ada urusan apa. Shinee menyapa mereka, dan kemudian menghilang ke lantai tiga, sementara Super Junior naik terus ke lantai lima, ruang rapat Soo Man.
Teukie mengetuk pintu, dan membukanya, ruang rapat sudah terisi. Oleh SNSD, yang duduk berenam saja. Soo Man belum datang, keduabelas Super Junior masuk dan duduk. Yang datang hanya Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Yoona, Hyoyeon, dan Seohyun.
”Lho? Yang tiga kemana?” tanya Yesung heran.
”Yuri di rumah sakit, Sica dan Sunny menemani mereka. Tadinya mereka mau ikut rapat juga, cuma kubilang mereka temani Yuri saja. Jadi, mereka menemani Yuri, hanya kami berenam yang kesini.” Kata Taeyeon.
”Yuri jadinya masuk rumah sakit?” tanya Donghae.
Taeyeon mengangguk. ”Ne, kakinya cukup parah, tulangnya bergeser…” jelas Taeyeon.
”Astaga! Separah itu?!” pekik Ryeowook.
”Ne…” keenam SNSD mengangguk.
”Sayang tak ada kamera yang menunjukkan dengan detil ketika Yuri terpeleset. Semua situs video, seperti youtube dan daum cuma menayangkan ketika Siwon memeluk Yuri.” Jelas Tiffany panjang lebar.
”Jinja?” tanya Heechul. Tiffany mengangguk.
”Aku cuma buka internet semalam doang, habis itu tidak buka-buka lagi…” sesal Heechul.
”Lalu bagaimana keadaan Yuri?” tanya Kyuhyun kemudian.
”Sejauh ini sih kakinya sudah diobati, hanya saja masih perlu obat penahan rasa sakit beberapa jam sekali.” Giliran Sooyoung menjawab.
Teukie geleng-geleng. ”Padahal Yuri kecelakaan, malah jadi bahan gosipan. Apa kita harus meluruskannya?”
”Maksudnya?” tanya Taeyeon bingung.
”Yuri kan tidak bermaksud skinship dengan Siwon,” kata Teukie menjelaskan. ”Dia cuma kecelakaan, dan Siwon menolongnya agar tidak jatuh, karena namja yang di dekat situ cuma Siwon dan Taemin. Mana mungkin Taemin yang menggendong Yuri?” lanjut Teukie. ”Lagipula, kalau kita meneruskan skandal antara Yuri dan Siwon disaat seperti ini, kasihan keduanya. Siwon harus menghalau pers tanpa Yuri, dan Yuri sedang sakit, bisa tambah kepikiran dengan pemberitaan ini.”
”Aish!” Heechul menggebrak meja. ”Aku kesal jadinya. Sesuatu yang dimulai tidak baik pasti akan berakhir begini! Aku setuju padamu, Teukie, kita harus maju dan meluruskan pemberitaan.”
”Video Yuri tersandung ada tidak?” tanya Ryeowook pada yang lainnya. Sepertinya mereka setuju untuk maju ke pers dan menjelaskan.
”Kayaknya nggak ada…” jawab Tiffany lagi. ”Soalnya semalem aku searching seluruh video, semua video itu awalnya Siwon Oppa lagi narik Yuri aja, udah gitu muka Yuri juga begitu… gak kayak orang sakit.”
”Aduuuuh,” Teukie mijet-mijet kepalanya.
”Ya udah, mau ada kek, nggak kek, kita harus tetep ngomong ke pers, kalo Yuri itu kecelakaan! Toh Yuri emang bener masuk rumah sakit…” kata Heechul lagi.
”Ya aku setuju.” Tambah Donghae.
Pintu terbuka, masuklah si Kakek Gepeto, (Donghae said : ”Ogah banget si Soo Man yang nyiptain gue!). ”Annyeonghaseyo.”
Semua berdiri, dan membungkuk. ”Annyeonghaseyo, Sunsangnim.”
”Ya duduk, duduk…” wajahnya terlihat sumringah. ”Jadi, bagaimana kabar kalian minggu ini?”
”Baik, Sunsangnim.” Semua menjawab kompak.
Soo Man memandang berkeliling. ”Kibum? Ah, pasti syuting… lalu, Yuri, Sunkyu, dan Sica?”
”Yuri sedang sakit, Sunsangnim…” jawab Taeyeon. ”Sunkyu dan Sica sedang merawatnya.”
Soo Man mengangguk. ”Ara, ara… padahal aku mau memberi selamat pada Yuri dan kau Siwon. Kalian berdua telah menjalankan akting kalian dengan sangat baik, dan sangat sempurna. Aku sangat senang, sekarang nama kalian berdua sedang ramai dibicarakan media. Bahkan Super Junior dan SNSD menjadi nomor satu di banyak chart.”
Semua saling pandang.
”Kalau begitu…”
”Mohon maaf, Sunsangnim…” potong Teukie. ”Ada yang perlu kami jelaskan soal insiden tadi malam.”
”Iya, itu sebetulnya kecelakaan. Yuri-ssi, sebetulnya semalam itu tersandung, dan ketika hendak jatuh, Siwon-ssi menangkapnya. Karena Yuri-ssi tidak bisa berjalan, maka Siwon-ssi berinisiatif memegangnya dan begitu turun panggung menggendong-nya. Jadi, seharusnya, yang skinship kemarin itu bukan mereka berdua.”
Soo Man menatapnya heran. ”Maksudnya?”
”Iya, semalam itu murni kecelakaan Sunsangnim, Yuri-ssi itu mau terjatuh, makanya Siwon-ssi dibelakangnya menahannya. Seharusnya yang kemarin berskinship itu, Eunhyuk-ssi dan Sooyoung-ssi.”
Eunhyuk dan Sooyoung mengangguk.
”Sunsangnim,” kata Heechul. ”Bagaimana kalau Sooyoung-ssi dan Eunhyuk-ssi skinship lagi, dan Yuri-ssi serta Siwon-ssi kami bersihkan namanya atas pemberitaan ini? Karena Yuri-ssi sedang sakit, tidak mungkin dia menghadapi berita ini. Siwon-ssi juga kan tidak mungkin menghandle-nya sendiri.”
Soo Man menggeleng-geleng. ”Gwenchana, ini sudah sempurna! Tim PR SM sekarang sedang sibuk, dan kalian sedang laku. Kalian tidak kuizinkan bicara apa-apa soal insiden Yuri dan Siwon, arraseo?”
”Sunsangnim…” Taeyeon berusaha membujuk. ”Yuri-ssi…”
”No comment allowed!”
Taeyeon terdiam, begitu juga dengan kelima gadis di sebelahnya. Heechul nampak frustasi, Hankyung menepuk-nepuk punggungnya lagi agar Heechul tidak meledak.
”Kalau begitu sampai waktu yang di tentukan, kalian hanya diperbolehkan berkomentar untuk memancing panasnya berita Yuri-Siwon. Selebihnya tidak. Juga sampai waktu yang belum saya tentukan, Siwon-ssi dan Yuri-ssi, saya harap bisa menjalankan tugas kalian dengan baik. Taeyeon-ssi, mohon disampaikan kepada Yuri-ssi. Siwon-ssi, arraseo?”
”Ne…” Siwon mengangguk.
Soo Man langsung pergi, dan kali ini mereka semua sama-sama berteriak melampi-askan rasa frustasi mereka. Heechul sudah menyebutkan banyak sumpah serapah pada Soo Man.
”Ottokhe ka?” tanya Taeyeon stress. ”Yuri belum tahu sama sekali kalau dia sudah jadi pemberitaan.”
”Pertama, lebih baik kita ke rumah sakit untuk melihat keadaan Yuri.” Usul Sungmin. ”Sekalian bilang soal ini, Yuri tidak mungkin diam di rumah sakit dan begitu keluar mendapat berita heboh begini.”

* * *
Seoul International Hospital, jam 12.00.

Sunny duduk di sofa, sambil mendengarkan i-pod yang memutar lagu-lagu gubahan Sungmin. Sungmin dan Sunny memang dekat, karena mereka pernah jadi DJ radio bersama. Maka, Sungmin yang suka bikin lagu, selalu rajin mengirimkan hasil gubahannya kepada Sunny, tak peduli yang menerima mau atau tidak.
Di sisi ranjang, Jessica sedang asik makan apel. Padahal apel itu buat Yuri, sementara Yuri berbaring dengan wajah bete.
”Aku bosan! Sica, Sunny, memangnya kakiku patah apa? Cuma geser doang, udah kayak orang sakit tipus, pake opname, lebai!” gerutu Yuri.
Sica menelan apelnya. ”Eh, seharusnya kau bersyukur masuk rumah sakit, lumayan bisa istirahat.” Sementara Sunny masih asik dengerin musik.
”Tapi istirahat di dorm aja kan bisa… daripada disini, dikurung terus!” Yuri diam saja. ”Eh iya, kemarin si Sooyoung dan Eunhyuk Oppa gak jadi skinship ya?” tanya Yuri penasaran. ”Karena apa sih? Aku kesakitan, jadi nggak merhatiin apa-apa.”
Sica wajahnya langsung polos, bengong. ”Gara-gara apa ya?” Sica bergumam heran, dan melirik Sunny yang nampak merem-melek dengerin musik-musik yang digubah oleh Sungmin.
Tok. Tok. Tok.
”Eh ada orang…” Jessica meletakkan apelnya, kemudian pintu kamar rawat Yuri bergeser. Dan masuklah pasukan Bodrex. (SNSD dan Super Junior).
”Yuri…” sapa semuanya.
Yuri terkejut. ”Whoa, Oppa…”
”Untung kamarnya VVIP,” komentar Eunhyuk. ”Kalo nggak mana boleh kita masuk rame-rame begini.”
”Yuri…” Leeteuk meletakkan bunga. ”Bagaimana keadaanmu?”
”Ah, na gwenchana, Oppa, jeongmal! Rumah sakit ini berlebihan, aku sudah baik kok. Kenapa harus di opname segala…” keluh Yuri. Sementara keenam SNSD yang baru datang tertawa.
”Aish!” Donghae geleng-geleng. ”Kau harus memerhatikan kesehatanmu, Yuri. Wajar kau disuruh istirahat, kau kan tidak bisa diam.”
”Yah, Tiffany!” Yuri melotot pada Tiffany. ”Kau cerita apa pada suamimu?”
Tiffany nyengir.
”Istirahat dulu, Yuri-ssi.” Gumam Siwon.
Yuri melirik Siwon, dan tersenyum. ”Ah, Oppa… sebelumnya aku tidak bilang apa-apa soal kejadian semalam. Jeongmal kamsahamnida, Oppa, telah membantuku, bahkan menggendongku.” Wajahnya bersinar, jelas dia tidak tahu apa-apa soal semalam.
Siwon nyengir nggak enak, Heechul meliriknya nggak enak juga. Sungmin duduk di sofa. ”Sunny, Sunny…” panggilnya.
Sunny membuka matanya, dan terkejut. ”Eh, udah banyak orang!” dan langsung mematikan i-pod serta melepas earphone-nya.
”Yee, Sunny gimana sih, disuruh jaga Yuri, malah dia yang tidur!” kata Jessica.
”Kau makan buahnya Yuri!” balas Sunny.
Yuri memandang semua member, yang banyak diamnya. Ini merupakan suatu keanehan. Mana pernah Super Junior hening? Oh, jangan-jangan gara-gara masalah skandal? Mereka dimarahin gara-gara Eunhyuk Oppa dan Sooyoung nggak jadi skinship.
”Aigooo…” ucap Yuri. ”Kenapa pada diam? Tadi di kantor dimarahin?”
”Dimarahin?” tanya Jessica heran.
”Iya, gara-gara Eunhyuk Oppa dan Sooyoung nggak jadi skinship. Semalem nggak jadi skinship kan? Pasti si Soo Man marah ya? Emang gila juga sih kalo maksa skinship…” komentar Yuri.
Semua jadi saling pandang takut.
”Kita nggak dimarahin kok,” jawab Taeyeon menenangkan. ”Dan masalah skinship semalem itu…” Taeyeon memandang Leeteuk, yang menghela napas pasrah. ”Sebetulnya skinshipnya sukses.”
”Oh, Sooyoung dan Eunhyuk Oppa skinship? Kapan? Perasaan abis kakiku sakit, kalian langsung turun dari panggung juga…” Yuri bingung. ”Aaah, jangan-jangan pas turun panggung ya?”
”Aniyo, Yuri…” tambah Sungmin.
”Yang jadi skandal bukan Eunhyuk dan Sooyoung, tapi…”
”Tapi justru kau dan Siwonnie.” Jawab Leeteuk.

Accidentally In Love Chapter 2 (Super-Generation Series) Part 2

Accidentally In Love Chapter 2 (Super-Generation Series)
Part 2

Begitu hasil rapat selesai, dan semua langsung pada pergi ke tempat tujuan masing-masing, dengan betenya Tiffany berdiri, dan ke balkon apartemen dorm Super Junior. Tidak ada yang memperhatikan ketika Tiffany yang moodnya jelek banget hari ini, keluar ke balkon.

Tiffany duduk di atas kursi santai yang terletak di balkon, memeluk kedua kaki dan lututnya, termenung menatap ke seberang gedung. Menghela napas bolak-balik, yang ada dipikirannya sekarang adalah pertanyaan KENAPA? Hanya itu, yang ada dipikiran Tiffany. Dulu, ketika SNSD debut, Donghae dengan senang hati menerima ’peran’ membuat skandal dengan Jessica, dan tadi, ketika dia ditawari buat skandal dengan Jessica, dia menolak, dan bilang demi nama baik Jessica, dan tadi ketika kami berdua yang ditawari, dia malah tidak mau! Sedangkan dulu dengan Jessica mau, walaupun keadaan berbeda, dia mau menghadapinya dengan Jessica, yang notabene bukan siapa-siapanya dia! Aku ini kan pacarnya, pikirnya sengit.

Sementara di dalam ruangan, Donghae muter-muter nyari Tiffany. Karena di ruangan sekarang cuma tinggal Hyoyeon dan Seohyun, maka Donghae bertanya pada keduanya. ”Tiffany mana?”

”Lho?” Hyoyeon nengok kanan-kiri. ”Tadi disini lho…”

Seohyun menoleh-noleh juga. ”Onnie tidak pergi kok, tadi waktu Sica Onnie ngajak Fany Onnie pergi jalan, dia bilang nggak mau. Tapi sekarang dia dimana, ya?”
Donghae menghela napas, tapi ketika dia ke dapur, dan melihat pintu balkon terbuka, feelingnya langsung mengatakan kalau Tiffany ada disitu. Donghae akhirnya pergi ke balkon, dan benar saja, Tiffany duduk sambil memeluk lututnya, diatas kursi malas, wajahnya murung.

Donghae menghampirinya pelan-pelan, bahkan ketika Donghae duduk di belakang-nya pun, Tiffany diam tidak bergeming. Wajah dinginnya menjadi semakin dingin ketika menatap ke depan. Donghae mengalungkan lengannya ke perut Tiffany, dan meletakkan kepalanya di bahu Tiffany, Tiffany diam saja. Donghae kemudian mencium pundak Tiffany yang terbuka karena memakai sleeve top. ”Hmm… aku dicuekin.” Katanya manja.

Tiffany diam saja.

”Jagiya…” panggil Donghae lagi.
”Hmm?” sahut Tiffany sekenanya.
Donghae langsung tahu ada yang tidak beres. ”Ada apa?”
”Tak ada apa-apa.” Sahut Tiffany dingin.
Donghae langsung membalik badan Tiffany, wajah Tiffany nampak sedikit murung. ”Bohong! Ada apa?”

”Gwenchana,” Tiffany mencoba melepaskan tangan Donghae, dan menghindari tatapan matanya, tapi apa daya Donghae jelas lebih kuat darinya. Tiffany terpaksa menatap mata Donghae yang khawatir. ”Apa?”

”Kau kenapa?”
”Kubilang gwenchana, tapi kau tidak percaya.”
”Siapa yang bisa percaya kalau kau bilang gwenchana, tapi wajahmu bilang uljima…”
Tiffany cemberut. Donghae mengangkat lembut dagunya, dan memaksa Tiffany kembali menatap wajahnya. ”Ada apa?”
”Aku tidak tahu, Jagiya…”

Tiffany memberengut. ”Aku tidak tahu apa maksudmu saat rapat tadi, dan itu membuatku kesal!” akhirnya dia mengatakan apa yang ingin dia katakan. Tapi, Donghae malah menatapnya bingung. Tiffany menghela napas. ”Aku tidak mengerti apa yang ada di pikiranmu.”

”Tentang skandal 4jib?” tanya Donghae menaikkan alisnya.
Tiffany mengangguk. ”Aku mau membantumu, membantu Super Junior. Aku rela, aku mau mendampingimu melewati itu semua. Seperti Jessica dulu, Jessica mendampingimu…” ujar Tiffany lirih. ”Bahkan ketika Sunsangnim menawarkan pun… kau tetap dengan Jessica…”

”Ya Tuhan, Jagiya…” Donghae merengkuh Tiffany dalam pelukannya. ”Itu kan cuma skandal! Dan lagipula skandal aku dan Jessica itu kan sudah lama, kalian tahu sendiri ceritanya bagaimana.”

”Tapi kau mau menghadapinya, kau mendampinginya, dia mendampingimu… aku kan juga mau seperti itu.” Tiffany merepet. ”Padahal Sica kan bukan siapa-siapamu pada waktu itu…”

”Justru karna dia bukan siapa-siapa, Fany Honey…” Donghae melepaskan pelukan-nya. ”Aku tidak perlu memikirkan dia, kan? Dia tidak perlu kujaga, kalau kau yang maju… aku tidak akan bisa konsentrasi pada hal lain, karena akan selalu memikirkan-mu… aku tidak mau kau dihujat oleh siapa pun, memikirkannya saja sudah membuat-ku ingin marah. Apalagi nanti kalau kau dihujat demi aku…”

”Oppa tidak benar-benar tidak memikirkan Sica. Oppa tadi membelanya…”
”Tiffany…” Donghae menghela napas. ”Memangnya aku tidak punya perasaan apa? Meskipun Sica bukan siapa-siapa, kalau ada orang yang dihujat karena aku, kan aku jadi tidak enak juga.”
Tiffany masih cemberut.

”Dan lagi kalau kau seperti Taeyeon bagaimana?” tanya Donghae takut.
”Maksud Oppa?”
”Iya, Taeyeon kan sedih banget waktu Super Junior dan Eeteuk Hyung dihujat gara-gara pake kalung kembaran sama dia, dan malah mau jauhin Teukie Oppa?! Kalau kau begitu nanti, apa yang terjadi padaku?”
”Emang Oppa bakalan kenapa?”

”Tiffany, kau itu gimana sih? Aku tidak mau kehilangan kamu tau!”
Akhirnya Tiffany tersenyum, walau kecil. Donghae senyum, dan mencubit pipinya, ”Sudah gak kesal, kan?” Tiffany menggeleng, agak-agak cemberut tapi di campur senyum kecil.
”Masih kesal…”
”Jeongmal? Aigooo, apa yang harus kulakukan?” Donghae pura-pura berpikir. ”Aah…” lalu Donghae mencium bibir Tiffany singkat. ”Masih marah?”
”Kalau masih aku cium lagi…”
”Gwenchana, aku sudah tidak marah…” wajah Tiffany memerah.

* * *

SBS Inkigayo, Minggu.
Hari ini, adalah hari perhelatan SBS Inkigayo, hari dimana Lee Soo Man meminta adegan skinship antara salah satu member Super Junior dengan salah satu member SNSD. Semua member kedua grup sudah tau siapa yang akan maju, yakni Eunhyuk dan Sooyoung. Berbeda dengan member lain yang justru tegang menghadapi hari ini, Eunhyuk dan Sooyoung malah cuek.

Mereka berdua memang sama-sama unik. Kalau pacaran lebih suka berduaan di kamar Eunhyuk, tapi jangan mikir yang macem-macem dulu. Mereka ngapain? Latihan dance. Beneran lho, mereka berdua sering latihan dance. Sooyoung belajar popping, dan Eunhyuk dengan senang hati mengajarinya. Kalau sedang tidak belajar dance, dua-duanya main catur. Aneh kan kelakuannya? Hahahaha, makanya Teukie dan Taeyeon gak panik kalau Eunhyuk dan Sooyoung udah masuk kamar, soalnya mereka juga malah bergeje ria.

Sekarang pun, SNSD dan Super Junior minta satu kamar ganti besar biar mereka bisa ngumpul untuk membicarakan ’cerita’ yang akan terjadi, Eunhyuk dan Sooyoung di pojokan malah cekikikan. Yang lain duduk keringat dingin, bahkan Tiffany dan Donghae tidak bermesraan.

”Krik krik krik…” Yesung menirukan suara jangkrik, saking sepinya ruangan. Akhirnya member lain pada tersenyum.

Pintu diketuk, staff SBS masuk, ”Super Junior, lima menit lagi…”

”Oke!” seluruh member Super Junior berdiri, bersiap-siap. Melemaskan otot-otot, dan stretching. Ini mau nyanyi, apa pada mau main bola? Tapi kemudian, mereka membentuk lingkaran dan tos ala Super Junior. Tak lupa, sebelum mereka keluar, mereka pamit dan meminta doa dari SNSD. Semua orang melengos begitu melihat pamitan non-verbalnya Donghae dan Tiffany. Memang dasar Donghae itu, manusia terromantis di Super Junior.

Sementara Super Junior tampil, SNSD ganti baju. Mereka didaulat nyanyi Run Devil Run dengan kostum baru. Make up sudah oke, mereka tinggal tunggu giliran mereka tampil, encore. Baju Sooyoung cukup mengundang kali ini, memang dia khusus pesan baju yang seperti ini untuk perform hari ini. Stylist SNSD yang tidak tahu kalau ada maksud lain, dengan senang hati menyiapkannya sesuai dengan yang Sooyoung inginkan. Padahal, Sooyoung pesan karena ada maksud lain.

Kostum yang di pakai Sooyoung adalah kostum yang mirip dengan kostum Run Devil Run Taeyeon dalam MV, selain yang seragam. Namun, bajunya benar-benar lebih pendek dibanding punya Taeyeon, sehingga perut indah Sooyoung benar-benar terlihat. Secara keseluruhan memang Sooyoung sangat cantik malam ini.

Tapi bukan berarti yang lain tidak lho, ya. Semua juga cantik, tapi karena malam ini Sooyoung yang akan jadi ’bintang’ maka yang lain nampak redup. Pintu diketuk, staff tadi datang lagi dan berkata. ”SNSD, lima menit lagi.”

Taeyeon memimpin doa, kemudian mereka tos bersama, dan bersama-sama keluar menuju areal belakang panggung. Super Junior sudah turun panggung dari sisi sebelah sana, jadi SNSD tidak bertemu dengan mereka, barulah ketika tirai ditutup, SNSD maju dan membentuk formasi. Mereka membawakan lagu Run Devil Run seperti biasa dengan ’garang’ karena lagu ini sangat-sangat galak. Beberapa saat sebelum lagu berakhir, Super Junior, juga beberapa pengisi acara lain seperti Afterschool, Shinee, dan Lee Hyeori muncul. Ketika lagu benar-benar habis, semua pengisi acara berkumpul bersama.

Wajah SNSD dan Super Junior agak-agak tegang, namun mereka berusaha menyem-bunyikan dengan baik, dan menunggu akting mereka selanjutnya. Ketika acara baru akan berakhir, Sooyoung langsung bersiap di posisinya, namun… suara riuh dari penonton sudah terdengar, Sooyoung mengalihkan pandangan pada Eunhyuk yang mengangkat bahu.

Pandangan semua orang sekarang tertuju pada satu titik di pojok panggung, dan seluruh member terperangah melihat dua orang yang berada di pojokan panggung. Yuri, Yuri sedang berpelukan, ah tidak, sedang didekap dengan sangat mesra oleh Siwon.

My Bestlovefriends

My Bestlovefriends

My name is Lee Donghae, yap! Pliss jangan jerit-jerit lebai, sambil teriak, omo Donghae yang itu?! Ya, ya ya… aku memang Lee Donghae yang ’itu’. Anggota Super Junior, yang kata orang si ganteng, kata orang juga jago nyanyi, dan jago dance. Tau deh bener apa nggak… menurutku kalau ditanya siapa yang jago nyanyi? Brother-brotherku itu ada empat belas, semua jago nyanyi. Kalo jago dance, waduuuuuh, jangan harap deh ngalahin sahabat baikku si Eunhyuk deh.
Sebenernya sih aku biasa-biasa aja. Kalo ditanyain tampang? Yaaaa, syukuri aja deh wajahku yang sekarang ini. Tapi di Suju yang ganteng juga nggak sedikit. Contohnya aja yang paling banyak penggemar itu maknae kami, Kyuhyun. Iyalah, aku juga kalau jadi cewek naksir sama dia. Cakep iya, suara bagus iya, menghanyutkan pasti deh dimata cewek-cewek.
Setelah melihat Hyungku, Leeteuk, akhirnya berani juga ngakuin perasaannya ke Taeyeon SNSD, aku jadi banyak mikir-mikir sendiri. Ternyata cinta itu kalau udah akut memang seperti mereka berdua itu. Aku memang yakin Leeteuk Hyung itu naksir Taeyeon. Dia sering banget merhatiin Taeyeon. Apalagi setelah video kedekatan mereka beredar habis siaran, makin yakinlah aku. Walaupun nggak ada yang mau ngaku.
Dari awal SNSD akhirnya muncul, kami-kami dari Super Junior sudah menyukai gadis-gadis itu. Jangan salah artikan ya, mereka kami anggap sebagai adik-adik kami sendiri, yang memang usianya baru belasan, ketika tiga tahun lalu itu. Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, dan Seohyun.
Memang jujur, aku hanya menganggap mereka sebagai adik, pada awalnya. Catat itu! Pada awalnya saja. Sampai ketika aku diminta untuk jadi bintang MV terbaru mereka, Kissing You. Aku menerima tentu saja, apalagi karena memang kami satu manajemen. Tapi, yang membuatku bercerita adalah, dari sini perasaanku kepada salah satu diantara mereka berubah. Terlebih, karena adegan dalam MV itu sendiri. Dalam MV itu, aku harus berpasangan dengan dua orang dua orang diantara mereka. Namun, SNSD berjumlah sembilan orang. Sehingga harus ada yang beradegan sebagai pasangan denganku sendirian.
Awalnya aku syuting bersama Taeyeon dan Yoona. Lalu Sunny dan Yuri, dan pasangan gadis terakhir adalah Sooyoung dan Seohyun, si maknae. Jadi, aku mendapat Tiffany sendirian. Syuting dengan Tiffany adalah syuting bagian terakhir, jadi itu dilakukan malam, menjelang pagi. Kulihat Tiffany belum capek, padahal dia harus mengulang banyak adegan menari, dan sebagainya. Barulah dia harus syuting denganku.
Jujur saja, aku lelah sekali. Tapi begitu melihat Tiffany yang kuat banget, aku jadi malu sendiri. Ya sudah, aku pergi ke kamar mandi, mencuci mukaku, dan make up sekali lagi. Kemudian siap untuk syuting. Syuting ini cukup lama memang. Tapi entah kenapa, aku senang dan bersemangat. Tapi, bukan berarti syuting yang satu ini gampang!
Kalau tadi sama Taeyeon, Yoona, Sunny, Yuri, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Hyoyeon, dan Jessica adegannya gak terlalu romantis! Ini yang jadi kendala, karena cuma berdua sama Tiffany, aku harus romantis, seromantis mungkin. Adegan ciuman dibalik bantal, walaupun gak betulan tapi kan wajah kami saling berhadapan di balik bantal. Kemudian ketika aku harus merebahkan kepalaku di bahunya, aku jadi agak-agak canggung. Tapi dia tenang sekali, wajahnya memang dingin kalau dia diam, tapi kalau tertawa dia cantik. Itu yang membuatku heran sama wajahnya, wajahnya itu dingin banget lho!
”Oppa, wae?” tanyanya ketika aku terus menerus salah. ”Oppa capek ya? Mau diterusin besok aja?” tanyanya khawatir.
Aku geleng-geleng. Malu gilaaaa ngaku capek di depan adik perempuan. Aku menggeleng lagi. ”Capek sih iya, tapi masih kuat, kok.”
”Oppa… Oppa kan habis tur Korea! Trus Oppa punya banyak jadwal juga, sekarang Oppa harus syuting, wajar kalau Oppa capek.” Tiffany duduk disebelahku lagi. ”Oppa udah makan, kan?”
Aku mengangguk.
”Bagus jangan sampai lupa makan, Oppa…” sambung Tiffany. ”Karena kita jarang tidur, satu-satunya cadangan tenaga kita cuma dari makanan. Oppa suka sayur tidak?”
”Kalau begitu banyak minum klorofil, Oppa…” tambah Tiffany. ”Biar banyak vitaminnya.”
”Wah, kau banyak tahu ya, Hwang Mi Young…”
Tiffany tertawa, matanya hilang. ”Oppa, baru kali ini ada yang memanggilku Hwang Mi Young…”
”Maaf ya, Dongsaeng, karena aku babo sekali malam ini.”
”Tak apa, Oppa…”
Semenjak itu aku selalu menganggap dia sahabatku. Kami menjadi semakin dekat, semenjak syuting video klip itu. Kami memang jarang bertemu, tapi kami rajin berkomunikasi. Jaman kan udah canggih, udah ada ponsel, udah ada internet. Kami rajin telepon-teleponan jika seminggu penuh tidak bertemu. Setiap hari, dia rutin mengirimiku sms menanyakan keadaanku, saudara-saudara Super Juniorku, dan bertanya sudah makan atau belum. Tiffany juga selalu mengingatkanku untuk tak lupa minum klorofil dan makan buah.
Ya, sejak saat syuting, hingga sekarang, bisa dibilang, aku adalah sahabat cowok terdekatnya Tiffany. Semua keluarga SM sudah tahu kalau aku dekat sebagai sahabat dengan Tiffany. Sampai aku merasa, ada yang tidak beres dengan hubunganku dan Tiff akhir-akhir ini.
Setelah tiga tahun sahabatan sama Tiff, aku sudah terbiasa melihatnya bernyanyi, menari, dan bermain bersama kami. Tapi begitu album ketiga SNSD keluar, aku bingung! Serius, aku kebingungan sendiri, ada apa dengan diriku ini?! Teaser SNSD keluar lebih dulu sebelum MV-nya. Tiff selalu menolak menjawab kalau aku bertanya detil mengenai proses pembuatan MV.
”Oppa liat nanti aja! Itu kan kejutan, Oppa…” katanya.
”Yah, kau ini bikin penasaran saja!” kataku di telepon malam hari sebelum MV-nya keluar, dan aku baru melihat foto-fotonya. Itu juga saking capeknya konser, aku cuma dikasih tau sama Heechul, yang memang update banget. Aku sempat marah sama Tiff karena gak bilang kalau foto-fotonya udah keluar, tapi Tiff ngeles dengan bilang baru foto.
Aku berdecak. ”Hei, Hwang Mi Young… kapan keluarnya itu MV?”
”Besok, Oppa…”
”Mwo?!” pekikku.
Tiff terkekeh.
”Kau ini kebiasaan ya!” teriakku. Eunhyuk melempar bantal ke kepalaku karena berteriak di tengah-tengah tidurnya. Aku mengecilkan suaraku, tapi desisanku tak kalah tanda serunya. ”Yah, Hwang Mi Young Yang! Kenapa sih kalau MV-mu mau keluar atau ada yang terbaru kau tak pernah bilang padaku! Foto aku tahu dari Heechul Hyung! Dan kalau aku tak bertanya kau takkan memberitahuku, kan?!”
”Hei, Oppa!” balas Tiff dari sebrang sana. ”Kau ini ya… tahan suaramu! Kau mau mati konyol kalau marah-marah seperti itu? Aigoo, fansmu pasti tak tahu kalau kau suka ngomel-ngomel?”
”Aish!” aku ngedumel.
Tiff tertawa. Nyanyi merdu, tertawa merdu, malahan kata si Eunhyuk kalo sendawa juga si Tiff merdu, aku geleng-geleng! Mikir apa sih aku?
”Oppa?!” panggil Tiff. ”Yah, Donghae Oppa?” panggilnya lagi. ”Oppa… jangan ngambek, dong…”
Aku tersenyum kecil. Mana bisa aku ngambek padanya?
”Oppa?” panggilnya lagi. Aku masih diam, aku senang mendengarnya berusaha agar aku tidak marah. ”Oppa, mian Oppa… jeongmal mian… aku bukannya tidak mau memberitahu Oppa…”
”Tapi kan aku malu, Oppa…” suaranya menjadi lirih.
”Malu kenapa, coba?”
”Yaaah, aku tak bisa menjelaskannya. Oppa harus melihat video itu sendiri…”
Aku mengernyit. ”Memangnya MV-nya kenapa? Kau tidak nari striptease, kan?!” teriakku.
”Donghae‼!” teriak Eunhyuk.
Aku menekap mulutku lagi. ”Yah, Tiffany! Jawab, kau tidak melakukan yang aneh-aneh kan?!”
”Ya tidaklah, Oppa!” jawab Tiffany agak panik. ”Cuma tetap saja… Oppa, kau sudah lihat foto itu kan?”
Aku mengangguk. ”Ya, aku sudah melihat Black Soshi…”
”Coba, menurutmu bagaimana?”
Donghae menatap foto-foto di laptop di hadapannya. ”Bagus sih!” komentarku agak dingin.
”Nah, kan! Baru foto saja Oppa sudah agak bete… kali ini kenapa lagi?” tanyanya heran, namun cemas.
”Foto Jess yang bikin aku agak kesal…”
Tiff diam.
”Foto Jess itu terlalu terbuka! Pose Yuri juga terlalu S-line…” komentarku lagi. Tiff tidak menjawab lagi. Sampai aku membuka fotonya, wajah dingin eksotis itu, dengan dandanan smokey eyes menatapku dingin. ”Tapi fotomu bagus…”
Tiffany terkekeh pelan. ”Shincha?”
”Iya fotomu bagus!” jawabku tulus. ”Cool!”
”Jangan bete ya, Oppa…” kata Tiff lagi.
Aku langsung sigap! Tiff bilang agar aku jangan bete, kenapa lagi nih? ”Yah, kenapa memangnya?”
”Aku nggak mau cerita dulu, Oppa lihat sendiri MV kami! Nanti jangan marahin kami ya… Oppa yang lain juga.”
”Bajunya kebuka-buka lagi ya?!” teriakku naik pitam.
”Lee Donghae! Sekali lagi kau berteriak, kau benar-benar mati!” teriak Eunhyuk lagi.
Tiff meringis. ”Iya, Oppa… kan konsepnya seksi!”
”Astaga! Tiffany… terbukanya seperti apa sih?! Kau ini ya…”
”Mian, Oppa…”
Aku geleng-geleng. ”Belum akan marah, tapi aku khawatir. Kurasa MV-nya akan membuatku marah.”
”Tapi aku senang Oppa tak suka kami berbaju seperti itu…” kata Tiffany lagi. ”Kami seperti punya banyak Oppa yang khawatir pada kami. Hi hi hi…” Tiffany terkikik. ”Mian, Oppa… kami tak bisa menolaknya.”
”Aro, aro…” aku mengangguk. ”Jadwalmu apa besok?”
”Perilisan lagu…” jawab Tiffany sambil menghela napas. ”Oppa kalau sempat nonton saja, disiarkan kok. Kalau tak sempat, nanti kukirimi videonya. Oke, Oppa?”
”Ya sudah… tidur sana! Jangan tidur malam-malam, besok bangun pagi, kan?” tanyaku.
”Oke, Oppa…”
”Jangan main lagi, jangan baca buku! Tidur, oke? Kalau sampai ketahuan kau tidak langsung tidur, aku ke dorm sekarang juga!”
”Mau ngapain, Oppa?”
”Ya main lah…”
Tiffany tertawa. ”Ah, Oppa… kau juga harus tidur! Jangan biarkan Eunhyuk Oppa menyeretmu tidur, ya? Oke aku langsung tidur kok, Oppa…”
”Oke, selamat tidur… mimpi indah!”
”Bye bye, Oppa…”
Setelah aku mematikan ponsel, aku keluar dari kamar. Seperti biasa, jam-jam segini, yang masih bangun adalah Leeteuk Hyung, Siwon, dan Kyuhyun.
”Yah, Donghae-ya… telpon Tiff lagi?” tanya Siwon heran.
Aku mengangguk dan beranjak ke dapur mengambil air.
”Dia setiap malam seperti itu… telponan, kemudian teriak-teriak! Mengomel-ngomel, marah-marah, tertawa-tawa. Dan Eunhyuk akan melemparinya bantal…” kata Leeteuk geleng-geleng.
Donghae terkekeh. ”Besok kan perilisan MV SNSD yang baru, Hyung… harus kasih semangat.”
”Oh iya ya! Besok ya keluar, ya?”
”Yah, Hyung… lalu kau malam ini memarahi Tiff karena alasan apa?” tanya Kyu dengan wajah polosnya.
Aku menghela napas dengan bergaya. ”Kalian tahu lah, SNSD itu… mereka seperti dimanfaatkan! Baju-bajunya itu lho…”
”Omo! Bajunya kenapa lagi?” tanya Siwon serius.
”Gak tau! Tiff bilang akan agak sedikit kebuka…” jawabku heran. ”Tapi, dia nggak mau cerita detil. Ckckck… yah, Hyung, besok kita ada jadwal apa saja?”
Leeteuk mengernyit, mengingat. ”Kayaknya besok Super Junior M manggung deh, ya gak sih, Siwon?”
”Iya, jam sepuluh…” jawab Siwon.
”Yah! Berarti aku nggak bisa nonton rilis video-nya ya…”
”Oh, jam sepuluh ya?” tanya Leeteuk.
Aku mengangguk kecewa, dan menggaruk kepalaku. ”Aku tidur deh, besok harus bangun pagi.”

Esok paginya aku bangun pagi-pagi, dan iri berat sama sisa teman-temanku yang lain. Aku, Hankyung Hyung, Siwon, Kyu, Henry, dan Zhou Mi kudu pentas, sementara yang lain off. Aku kan kepengen nonton pemutaran langsung MV-nya SNSD yang baru. Nanti aku bisa ngomelin si Tiff lagi soalnya kalau bajunya kebuka-buka banget.
Setelah sampai di tempat acara, aku dan rekan-rekanku bersiap-siap. Setelah bernyanyi, aku kaget ketika kembali ke backstage, Leeteuk Hyung datang. Penampilan-nya kasual.
”Yah, Hyung… waekeurae?” tanyaku bingung.
”Kau mau ikut tidak? Pemutaran perdana MV-nya SNSD yang baru… tadi Taeyeon mengajak kita. Kalau mau ayo!” siapa yang mau nolak?! Bahkan, kami buru-buru masuk van dan langsung cabut ke venue-nya SNSD.
Henry dan Zhou Mi gak ikut, mereka masih ada keperluan. Jadi, Teukie Hyung, Hankyung Hyung, Siwon, dan Kyu nyusul yang lain karena mereka semua udah ada di venue. Benar saja, begitu sampai disana, banyak SONE, yang mungkin termasuk ELF juga kali ya, soalnya begitu melihat kami muncul mereka heboh banget. Kami dibawa ke belakang, ke dekat kamar gantinya SNSD.
”Taeng…” kudengar Teukie Hyung sudah menelepon pacarnya saja. ”Kamu dimana? Kami sudah di backstage lho…”
Tak lama kulihat Taeyeon keluar. Wajahnya polos, masih belum kena make up sama sekali. Kerumunan kami bubar, karena Teukie Hyung sudah ’meong-meong’ sama Taeyeon. Bikin ngiri aja, aku geleng-geleng. Dasar ’pengantin baru’ yang harus pacaran diem-diem. Jadi begini daaaah… kulihat mereka pelukan. Aku mengalihkan pandangan dari situ.
”Pengen punya pacar ya, Hae?” tanya Eunhyuk cengengesan.
Kugetok saja kepalanya. ”Kau ini ya! Tidak siang, tidak malam… kerjamu hanya mengucapkan kata-kata yang menggangguku.”
”Yah, kau tak melihat Tiffany?”
Aku mengernyit. ”Mau sih… tapi kan mereka sedang siap-siap.” Kataku, namun aku meraih ponselku juga.
”Lah itu Taeyeon keluar!”
”Yah, kalau Taeyeon mah lain perkara! Dia kan mau ketemu sama pacarnya, lah kalo si Tiff, kan…”
Eunhyuk menatapku dengan sorot menggelikannya itu. ”Apa?”
Belum sempat aku menghubungi Tiffany, ponselku sudah berbunyi, dan dari layarnya aku tahu bahwa orang yang kucarilah yang menghubungiku. Buru-buru kuangkat.
”Oppa…” katanya senang. ”Kata Taeyeon, Oppa dan yang lainnya menyempatkan hadir. Kukira tak mungkin, karena katanya kau ada jadwal pagi ini… begitu tadi Taeng keluar, Sooyoung mengintip… katanya Sooyoung melihatmu, Oppa…”
”Ha ha ha, sebetulnya mau kasih surprise… sayang ketahuan,” kataku.
Tiff terkekeh. ”Lihat di paling depankah, Oppa?”
”Tentu…” jawabku. ”Kau sedang apa?”
”Sedang duduk-duduk saja…” jawabnya.
”Kalau begitu kesini, ada aku dan Eunhyuk…”
”Oh, no! Tidak!”
Aku mengernyit. ”Kenapa?”
”Aku sudah di make up, Oppa… aku mau memberimu kejutan. Ngomong-ngomong mana si Taeng itu? Dia belum make up, lho Oppa…”
Aku tertawa, ”Aku panggilkan mau?”
”Lho, Oppa lihat si Taeng?”
”Tadi sih lagi ’meong-meong’ sama Teukie Hyung.”
Tiff tertawa. Aku bangkit dan berteriak terlebih dahulu, daripada jika aku berbelok melihat mereka sedang ’ehem-ehem’ kan nggak bagus. ”TAENG!”
”Ya, Oppa?” suara Taeyeon menjawab.
Aku akhirnya melihatnya, dia masih menggenggam tangan Teukie Hyung. Wajahnya senang sekali.
”Kau dicari Tiff, make up dulu sana! Pacarannya dilanjutin nanti…” kataku sambil menggoda Teukie Hyung.
”Oke…” Taeyeon menatap Teukie Hyung lagi. ”Aku harus pergi, Oppa… kau nonton di baris depan, kan?”
”Iya, doooong… sudah sana,” Teukie Hyung memang pengertian. Dia membelai kepala Taeng dan Taeng langsung pergi sambil tersenyum.
Lalu aku kembali ke ponselku. ”Sudah, tuh…”
”Omo… Oppa, kau mengganggu si Taeng dan Teukie Oppa…” Tiff sepertinya mendengar apa yang kukatakan.
”Soalnya bikin iri!” jawabku jujur.
Tiff tertawa lepas. ”Makanya, Oppa… tiga tahun mengenalmu tidak pernah punya pacar, tidak pernah dekat dengan cewek, dekatnya cuma sama Eunhyuk Oppa… ya bagaimana mau punya pacar?!”
”Yaah, lihat siapa yang bicara? Sudahkah dia punya pacar?” tanyaku membalasnya.
”Kalau aku memang sedang tidak mau punya pacar, Oppa…” Tiff ngeles.
”Kau seharusnya juga punya pacar,” kataku.
”Hyung! Ayo kita duduk di seat depan, acara sudah mau dimulai!” teriak Kyu dari belakangku.
Aku mengangguk. ”Kyu memanggil, kami harus keluar. Astaga, SNSD akan rilis lagu baru… aku jadi iri!”
”He he he, nonton baik-baik, Oppa…”
”Kau yang tampil dengan baik! Dan siapkan dirimu, kalau sampai bajumu terlalu terbuka! Kau akan kumarahi…”
”Iya, Oppa…” Tiff terdengar pasrah.
”Bagaimana dengan baju Taeng?”
”Ha ha ha…” Tiff terbahak. ”Lihat saja nanti, Oppa…”
”Oke, sampai nanti!”
”Bye, Oppa…”
Aku mengikuti teman-temanku yang lain. Begitu kami muncul di pintu samping backstage para SONE teriak-teriak histeris. Berarti mereka juga ELF, kami melambaikan tangan kami, dan kami duduk berduabelas bersama-sama. Aku duduk diantara Eunhyuk dan Ryeowook. Setelah menunggu lama, Produser SM muncul, memberi sambutan bla bli blu, dan lampu dimatikan. Wah, bakal dibikin dramatis nih, sesaat kemudian teaser MV diputar kembali, dan suara jeritan SONE semakin riuh. Tak lama setelah teaser selesai diputar. MV akan segera diputar, aku penasaran banget! Konsep Black Soshi itu bakalan kayak gimana sih, dan musik mulai menghentak. Dan video itu pun diputar.
Herannya, walaupun banyak yang suka dengan MV itu aku tidak! Sama sekali tidak! MV itu benar-benar memanfaatkan SNSD! Mereka memakai baju-baju hitam ketat, yang membalut seluruh tubuh mereka, yang malah membuat mereka nampak menggoda! Jujur, sangat menggoda! Aku kan cowok, tapi… total mereka mengenakan 3 baju, semuanya membuatku ingin marah! Terutama pada Tiff. Aku juga kurang suka dengan baju-baju yang lain, tapi entah kenapa tiap melihat Tiff dengan smokey eyes-nya itu, aku mau marah padanya!
Astaga! Lee Donghae sadaaaaar! Kenapa kau harus marah padanya?! Dia kan adikmu, Donghae! Kenapa kau marah dia memakai baju yang terlalu ketat, terlalu banyak robekan, dan terlalu pendek itu? Astaga, mana Heechul Hyung dari tadi komen kalau Tiff cantik melulu!
Setelah MV selesai aku berdiri.
”Yah, Hyung… mau kemana?” tanya Ryeowook.
”Lho?!” kesepuluh saudaraku melongo.
”Kok pulang sih?” tanya Eunhyuk heran. ”Eh, Hae… mau kemana dah? Abis itu para single ladies itu keluar, lho! Hei hei!”
Leeteuk mengejarku yang sudah ke belakang. ”Hae, kau mau kemana?”
”Maaf, Hyung… aku sepertinya agak tidak enak badan…” kataku mencoba mencari alasan.
”Benarkah? Kau bahkan belum bertemu dengan mereka…” Teukie Hyung agak menyayangkan. ”Tapi kalau kau sakit, duluan sajalah! Kusampaikan salammu untuk mereka… Tiff pasti kecewa. Tapi, kurasa kau sudah memberitahunya… sampai di dorm minum obat, kemudian istirahat, oke?”
Aku mengangguk. Dan langsung masuk van, aku benar-benar marah, dengan perasaanku. Siapa aku sih? Berani-beraninya aku marah pada Tiff? Aduuuh, aku harus beres-beres perasaan nih! Kuraih ponselku, dan kucabut baterainya.

Kami SNSD keluar dari backstage, kami disambut dengan tepukan riuh SONE. Ooow, terima kasih, aku menyayangi kalian semua. Hari ini aku mengenakan salah satu dari tiga pakaianku di MV SNSD terbaru, gaun hitam yang memakai manik hitam berkilauan, dengan wajahku dipulas smokey.
Wow! Itu Super Junior… mereka memang datang dan menonton di paling depan. Senangnya punya Oppa seperti mereka. Tapi, tunggu! Sebentar, sebentar… satu, dua, tiga, empat… sembilan! Lha? Kok cuma sembilan? Leeteuk, Heechul, Hankyung… Oppa?! Donghae Oppa kemana? Aku mencari-cari, tapi memang tidak ada.
Rasanya interviu ini lama sekali. Aku terus mengira, Donghae Oppa sedang ke kamar mandi, namun hingga acara nyaris selesai. Donghae Oppa tak ada, mereka hanya bersepuluh. Astagaaaaa… kemana dia? Katanya dia datang, aku mencoba menghubu-nginya, tapi ponselnya tidak aktif. Apa yang terjadi?
Selesai acara, Super Junior member menyambut kami di backstage, kemudian mereka dibawa para Manager ke ruang ganti, karena takut ada wartawan yang melihat kemesraan Leeteuk dan Taeyeon. Ya ampun, kasian amat sih mereka, pacaran musti diem-diem kayak begini? Tapi, wajah mereka bahagia-bahagia aja… walaupun aku lihat Teukie Oppa agak ngambek. Well, jelas karena pakaian yang dikenakan Taeng. Pusarnya terlihat, dan Taeng memang seksi.
Aku memerhatikan mereka. Teukie Oppa melepaskan jaketnya, dan memakaikannya pada Taeng. ”Pake!”
”Oppa…” kata Taeng sambil senyam-senyum.
”Ritsletingnya naikkin sampe atas!”
”Ya ampun, Oppa…”
”Disini banyak cowok! Tadi di stage udah kamu kasih liat, sekarang masa juga sih?” kata Teukie Oppa sewot.
Taeng manggut-manggut.
Aku memandangi mereka, tapi dimana Donghae Oppa? Aku memang takut dia akan marah, tapi malah kecewa kalau dia tidak ada.
”Leeteuk Oppa, mana Donghae Oppa?” tanya Yuri heran.
Leeteuk menjawab. ”Hae sakit, tadi sesudah pemutaran MV dia langsung pulang.”
Aku kaget. ”Lho, sakit?”
”Iya…” Leeteuk mengangguk. ”Dia nggak kasih tau kamu?” aku menggeleng. ”Ya ampun, tumben amat. Tadi selesai MV dia langsung keluar, dia bilang nggak enak badan. Coba telpon deh…”
Aku mengeluarkan ponsel dan menghubunginya. Tak ada jawaban, hanya ada pesan singkat bahwa yang punya lagi gak bisa diganggu. Aku menunduk kecewa, kemana sih Oppa? Kenapa gak bilang lagi sakit, coba? Setelah acara hari ini, kami masih harus menghadiri beberapa acara, sehingga baru pukul dua pagi aku dan anggota SNSD lainnya sampai di dorm.
Semua langsung cuci muka dan tidur, sementara aku masih belum bisa tidur. Kukira, entah kapan, Donghae Oppa akan membalas pesanku, atau setidaknya meneleponku. Oppa tak pernah lupa menelepon jika kami mengeluarkan MV baru. Sampai sekarang pun, Donghae tidak menelponnya, tidak membalas smsnya. Bahkan, ketika dia mencoba menghubungi Donghae lagi, ponselnya masih tidak aktif. Apakah Donghae sakit parah?
”Onnie… tidak tidur?” tanya Yoona.
Aku malah menjawab dengan helaan napas, bisa kubayangkan betapa bingungnya Yoona melihat tingkahku.
”Yah, Onnie… kenapa?”
Aku menggaruk kepalaku, dan bersandar di sofa. ”Aku khawatir…”
”Donghae Oppa…”
Yoona manggut-manggut. ”Donghae Oppa sakit, kan? Lalu bagaimana Onnie? Sudahkah kau meneleponnya?”
”Aku sudah mencoba ratusan kali, tapi ponselnya tetap tidak aktif.” Jawabku putus asa. ”Aku sudah memberinya pesan suara, juga sudah mengiriminya sms. Semua pending… Donghae Oppa agak aneh, padahal tadi dia meneleponku bahwa dia akan menonton.”
”Donghae Oppa pasti benar-benar tidak sehat, Onnie…”
Aku mengangguk. ”Itulah mengapa aku khawatir,” jawabnya. ”Donghae Oppa, tak pernah lupa memberi komentar, memberi semangat, bahkan kritik. Kali ini, aku senang Oppa menyempatkan diri menonton pemutaran perdana MV kita, tapi kalau Oppa sakit kan…”
Kulihat wajah Yoona kemudian berkerut-kerut. Lalu dia senyum. ”Onnie, lama kelamaan kau makin mirip Taeyeon Onnie.”
”Maksudnya?” tanyaku heran.
”Onnie, sebetulnya aku sudah sangaaaaat ini menanyakan hal ini padamu. Tapi, sepertinya kau dan Donghae Oppa itu nyasar dalam hubungan kalian. Kalian terlalu dekat, Onnie…”
”Oh jadi gak boleh ya?” tanyaku polos.
Yoona geleng-geleng. ”Bukan begitu, Onnie… kau dan Donghae Oppa itu tersesat dalam hubungan persahabatan kalian.”
”Apanya yang tersesat?”
”Begini lho, Onnie… kau dan Donghae Oppa itu saking dekatnya, sampai-sampai kau dan dia itu bingung sendiri. Kalau Taeyeon Onnie, dia kan tahu kalau dia sayang sama Leeteuk Oppa, cuma Taeyeon Onnie aja bandel gak mau nunjukkin apa-apa sama sekali. Sementara kau dan Donghae Oppa itu, malah terlalu banyak saling menunjukkan hingga kalian menganggap itu hal biasa…”
Palaku makin ruwet, si Yoona ini bahasanya ribet amat, ya?
”Onnie, apa kau menyukai Donghae Oppa, sebagai namja? Bukan sebagai Oppa saja? Sebagai namja?”
Wajahku malah memerah.
”Tuh kan, Onnie…” Yoona menarik kesimpulan. ”Sebetulnya aku sih sudah curiga dari dulu. Waktu Donghae Oppa adegan mesra sama cewek, Onnie marah kan? Donghae Oppa sampe kesini jam dua pagi, minta maaf. Terus, kalo baju-baju panggung kita terlalu terbuka, Donghae Oppa gantian marah, dan Onnie deh yang ribet minta maaf sama dia. Sadar dong, Onnie… jangan kayak Taeyeon Onnie…”
Wajahku makin memerah. ”Masa sih?”
”Yaaah,” Yoona menggaruk kepalanya tak sabar. ”Onnie, sekarang Onnie buat apa marah-marah, ngambek-ngambek sama Donghae Oppa soal kedekatannya sama ceweklah, trus kalo dia nggak makan. Onnie cuma dongsaengnya saja? Aku juga gak yakin, kalau memang Donghae Oppa menganggap Onnie cuma sebagai dongsaeng… orang dia marah banget waktu baju kita kebuka banget setahun lalu. Mending marahnya sama kita semua, ini cuma sama Onnie doang… trus, waktu Onnie ngambek karena adegan mesranya, dia ngapain juga rela-relain jam dua pagi kesini coba?”
Makin bingung saya, saudara-saudara, Yoona memang hebat!
”Sudah ya, Onnie… aku mau tidur! Capek… Onnie juga tidur sana, Donghae Oppa kan marah kalau Onnie gak tidur.”
Setelah Yoona pergi, aku memutuskan untuk ikut tidur. Masa sih? Aku dan Donghae Oppa memangnya sedekat itu apa? Padahal menurutku yang paling romantis itu ya Leeteuk Oppa dan Taeyeon, kenapa Yoona bilang aku dan Donghae Oppa juga terlihat mesra? Aduuuh, Yoona, palaku jadi pusing.

Gak terasa sudah nyari dua belas jam aku duduk bersila di ruang tamu dorm. Aku melamun sepanjang hari, ya ampun! Mellow benar aku ini, diketawai Eunhyuk nanti aku. Baru aku mau bangkit, terdengar suara di pintu dorm, tak lama cahaya lampu depan masuk, dan seseorang menekan sakelar.
”ASTAGA!” kesepuluh orang di hadapanku berteriak.
Aku jadi kaget.
”Yah, Donghae-yah… apa yang kau lakukan disitu?” Heechul Hyung mengurut dadanya karena kaget.
Aku nyengir.
”Kau ketiduran di sofa, ya?”
Aku mengangguk saja, daripada mengaku kalau melamun dari tadi.
”Hei, Donghae-ya… Tiff mencarimu, tuh! Kukira kau sudah meneleponnya, ternyata belum! Dia bingung mencarimu…”
Aku mengeluh.
”Kau ini! Katanya sudah bilang padanya… kami kan jadi gak enak, waktu dongsaeng-dongsaeng itu pada nanya-nanyain?”
”Tiff sedih lho…” kata Eunhyuk dengan tampang bodohnya itu.
Aku ingin sekali melempari sahabatku yang oon itu dengan bantal, tapi kuurungkan niatku. Aku mengambil ponselku yang tergeletak di meja, dan kupasang kembali batreinya.
”Wah, pake cabut batrei…” Eunhyuk berkomentar lagi. ”Kayak orang marahan sama pacarnya aja cabut-cabut batrei…”
”Yah! Kau mau kutimpuk?!”
”Omo! Kau selalu menimpukku jika kau sedang memikirkan si Tiffany, lho…”
Aku akhirnya berdiri, dan menjitak kepala Eunhyuk. ”Kau ini! Berisik sekali sih… tidur sana!”
Setelah semua bersiap-siap tidur, Leeteuk Hyung duduk di sebelahku dan menepuk bahuku. ”Bagaimana? Sudah baikkan keadaanmu?”
”Ya, sudah mendingan…” jawabku sekenanya. Aku menyalakan ponsel, begitu sudah aktif kembali, ponsel itu bergetar selalu. Dua belas pesan masuk, dan dua belas pesan suara. Aku menghela napas.
Donghae membaca pesan-pesan dari Tiff, dan mendengarkan suaranya. Jelas, Tiff berpikir bahwa dia sedang sakit. Suara Tiff cemas sekali, aku menghela napas dalam-dalam, dan kucoba menghubunginya.
Baru berdering sekali, Tiff sudah mengangkatnya. ”Oppa?!” teriaknya.
”Yaaah, kau belum tidur?” tanyaku.
”Oppa…” kudengar dia menangis.
”Yah, wae?” aku langsung panik. ”Kenapa kau menangis? Astaga, Tiffany… jangan bikin aku kaget, dong! Ada apa?”
”Gara-gara Oppa, pokoknya!”
Aku bingung. ”Kok gara-gara aku sih?”
”Oppa kenapa sakit gak bilang? Tadi kenapa pulang begitu aja, aku kan belum ketemu sama Oppa! Udah gitu Oppa sama sekali gak aktifin ponsel, aku kira Oppa sakit parah! Tau-taunya jam segini masih belum tidur juga… kau ini kenapa sih, Oppa? Aneh sekali kelakuanmu!” dan Tiffany pun menumpahkan uneg-unegnya.
”Mian, mian…” aku cuma bisa berkata begitu. ”Aku tadi tidur terus, tidak sempat menelepon. Bagaimana keadaanmu?”
”Bagaimana keadaan Oppa?!”
”Aku baik-baik, aku tidak apa-apa…”
”Baguslah…” dia terdengar lega.
Aku masih diam, bingung mau berkata apa.
”Oppa? Kau baik-baik saja? Kau tidak pingsan, kan?!” Tiffany terdengar semakin panik karena aku tidak menjawab.
”Ne, ne… aku baik, cuma masih mengantuk.”
”Ya ampun, kalau begitu Oppa tidur lagi saja… Oppa harus banyak istirahat,” kata Tiffany lagi.
”Iya, baik… kututup ya.” Dan aku langsung mematikan ponsel, aku begitu deg-degan. Kenapa bisa aku begitu berdebar mendengar suara Tiffany, dan merasa hangat saat dia mengkhawatirkanku. Meski begitu, aku menghindar, daripada buntutnya panjang kalau terbawa perasaan. Aku tidak boleh mencintainya, siapa aku? Aku kan cuma sahabatnya… mana mungkin Tiffany si cantik itu mau sama aku?!
Tapi, aku tidak lelah. Mungkin karena sudah seharian duduk diam, tidak bergerak sama sekali, dan sempat tertidur dalam lamunan juga. Aku bolak-balik badanku di atas kasur, sementara suara dengkur si Eunhyuk makin membuatku tidak bisa tertidur, aku mikir aja, mikirin kata-kata Teukie Hyung. Masa iya sih? Aku menghela napas, dan sampai pagi akhirnya aku hanya bolak-balik badan, dan menghela napas panjang-panjang.
”Yah, kau sudah bangun?” tanya Eunhyuk, dengan wajah bodohnya, masih mengan-tuk.
”Iyalah, memangnya kau?”
”Ya ya ya… ayo bangun sebelum Leeteuk Hyung masuk kesini mengacak-acak kita semua.” Eunhyuk bangun, masih sempoyongan, dan terantuk kaki kursi. Aku tertawa, dasar bodoh.
Dia berdiri, mengucek mata, mendekati pintu kamar, ketika pintu sudah terbuka. Dan jidatnya pun mencium pintu yang terbuka itu, Eunhyuk jatuh terjerembab. Aku ngakak melihatnya, sementara yang buka pintu, Siwon, memandangi Eunhyuk yang meringis kesakitan.
”Lho, Hyung…” Siwon menatapnya heran. ”Apa yang kau lakukan di bawah situ?”
”Yah, Siwon!” teriak Eunhyuk. ”Kau kalau mau buka pintu ketuk dulu kek, jidatku mencium pintu nih!” Eunhyuk mengusap jidatnya, sementara aku masih tertawa ngakak. ”Yah! Lee Donghae!”
Aku berdiri, dan membantunya bangun. Siwon masih kebingungan, ”Hyung… ada jadwal mendadak. Kita harus ke Mokpo sekarang.”
”Sincha?” tanyaku girang.
Siwon mengangguk sambil tersenyum. ”Pasti senang kau, ya?”
Aku tertawa. ”Eh, M atau semua?”
”Cuma M sih…” jawab Siwon. ”Harusnya sih semuanya, cuma karena katanya hari ini ada acara apaaaa gitu, jadinya cuma bisa kirim Super Junior M.”
”Emang harusnya hari ini jadwal kita apa?”
”Who’s That Girl…” jawab Siwon. ”Padahal bintang tamunya SNSD lho, Hyung…” katanya geleng-geleng. ”Sayang banget harus batal!”
”Lho? Kok boleh batal sih?” tanya Eunhyuk heran.
”Tuh Teukie Hyung yang bilang kalo Super Junior T aja yang gantiin. Katanya, kau pasti mau pulang kan, Hyung…” jawab Siwon lagi. Lalu Siwon terkekeh-kekeh. ”Padahal, dia yang kepengen satu tempet sama Taeyeon, kali? Ha ha ha, kasian aku sama Teukie Hyung, harus pacaran diam-diam begitu.”
Aku bingung. ”Who’s That Girl itu acara apa sih?”
”Itu reality show baru gitu, Hyung…” jelas Siwon. ”Tebak-tebak cewek gitu, trus nyebutin kebiasaan-kebiasaan mereka. Trus kalo cocok, dapet hadiah, yaaaa begitu deh pokoknya.”
”Wah…” sementara Eunhyuk mikir-mikir. ”Asyik! Aku kan nebak, wah…” wajahnya berbinar. ”Harus couple sama Sooyoung ah!”
”Idih! Kalian berdua kan sering berantem, Hyung!” kata Siwon sambil tertawa.
”Dia itu suka padaku, cuma malu…” kata Eunhyuk pede.

Aku bangun dan langsung geragapan mencari ponselku, dan menyalakannya. Kutunggu lima menit, tapi penantianku selama lima menit itu berbuah sia-sia belaka. Memang, ada pesan masuk, tapi bukan dari orang yang kutunggu. Aku menghela napas dengan sedih.
”Pagi, Onnie…” Yoona masuk kamarku.
”Pagi, Yoona…” jawabku sambil menguap kecil.
Yoona sudah rapi. Dia memang rajin, bangun pagi, langsung mandi, dan sudah rapi, padahal tak ada jadwal apa-apa. ”Onnie, malam ini kita dapet job lho. Reality show bareng Super Junior M.”
”Oh ya?” mataku membulat.
”Aku tau Onnie pasti akan senang…” Yoona cengar-cengir. ”Apalagi sama Super Junior M. Kan ada Donghae Oppa…”
”Yah…” aku memukul bahunya pelan.
”Yah yah yah!” suara Taeyeon menggema di ruang tamu. ”Ayo kumpul! Kumpul! Kumpul! Panggilin yang belum bangun, ada pemberitahuan! Ayo cepeeeet!”
Semua keluar, kulihat yang baru bangun hanya aku dan Sooyoung, sementara yang lain sudah bangun, tapi sama-sama belum mandi, kecuali si Yoona saja. Taeyeon memegang ponselnya, wajahnya berbinar-binar senang sekali. Pasti berita bagus, menurut pendapatku.
”Malam ini kita akan isi acara Who’s That Girl… kita bersembilan, dengan pairing dengan Super Junior M. Tapi, barusan ada pembatalan jadwal dengan Super Junior M, barusan aku dapat konfirmasi. Donghae Oppa sedang sakit, maka Super Junior M akan dialihkan ke Mokpo, karena kemungkinan Donghae Oppa merindukan keluarganya, jadi yang jadi paring kita Super Junior T.”
Astaga! Pantas Taeng senang, di T kan ada pacarnya. Sementara aku tak jadi ketemu Donghae Oppa, haduuuuh!
”Weleeeeh, ada si Eunhyuk dong?!” kata Sooyoung kesal. Ha ha ha, dia dan Eunhyuk memang sering bertengkar. Meski tidak serius, Eunhyuk suka sekali mengganggu Sooyoung.
Aku agak diam menanggapi ini.
”Tiff, kau kenapa?” Taeyeon memperhatikanku.
Aku nyengir dan geleng-geleng saja.
”Aaaaah, Donghae Oppa lagi ya?” tanya Taeyeon sambil tersenyum. ”Kata Leeteuk Oppa, dia sudah nggak apa-apa, kok. Cuma masih agak lesu aja, mungkin kangen rumah, soalnya beberapa hari lalu kata Eunhyuk Oppa, dia mengigau manggil-manggil ibunya…”
Jessica manggut-manggut. ”Ternyata yang tukang ngigau disana itu Donghae Oppa, kalau disini kan kau, Taeyeon-ah…”
”Yah!” Taeyeon menggeram.
Sudah jam dua siang, aku masih diam saja di kamar. Benar-benar ada yang aneh nih, Donghae Oppa sama sekali gak kirim pesan apa pun. Kalau telepon memang jarang-jarang, tapi kalau pesan dia biasanya rajin. Tak perlu aku yang kirim pun, dia pasti akan mengiriminya. Akhirnya aku memberanikan diri mengiriminya pesan dulu, Oppa chariseo? Bagaimana keadaan Oppa hari ini? Sudah sehatkah? 
Setengah jam kutunggu, Donghae Oppa sama sekali tidak membalas pesanku. Ini lebih aneh lagi, pesanku tak pernah dibalas lama-lama. Dia pasti langsung menjawab, bahkan kadang-kadang kalau tidak sibuk, meneleponku biar hanya sebentar saja. Tapi kok tidak yaaaaaa sekarang?
”Taeyeon-ah…” aku keluar mencari Taeyeon, yang sedang nonton televisi.
Taeyeon menoleh. ”Wae?”
”Taeyeon-ah… Super Junior sekarang sedang ada kegiatan tidak?”
Taeyeon mengernyit. ”Setahuku hari ini mereka tampil malam hari saja. Itu cuma Super Junior T, yang lainnya gak ada. Oh iya, Super Junior M mungkin sekarang sudah ke Mokpo.”
”Oh…” aku mengangguk. ”Mereka kembali kapan?”
”Aku tidak tahu,” Taeyeon menggeleng. ”Kenapa?”
”Aku rasa ada yang aneh dengan Donghae Oppa,” kataku cemas. ”Dari kemarin dia bertingkah aneh. Semalam dia meneleponku, hanya diam saja, tidak menanyaiku balik. Sudah itu, sekarang kukirimi sms dia bahkan tidak membalasnya! Lagipula, kalau dia ke Mokpo, biasanya dia bilang, lalu dia bertanya aku mau dibelikan apa…”
Taeyeon ikut kebingungan. ”Masa sih? Yah, berhubung kau yang paling dekat dengannya ya aku percaya, tapi aku tidak tahu dia kenapa. Kau coba telepon saja, nanti aku akan pura-pura menanyakan keadaannya pada Teukie Oppa, bagaimana?”
”Iya deh…” aku masuk kembali ke kamar, mengeluarkan ponselku, dan menghubu-ngi ponselnya, tersambung, tapi tidak diangkat. Akhirnya aku mengiriminya sms saja, Oppa, kau sedang sibuk, ya? Tak apa, yang penting ingat jaga kesehatanmu, cepat sembuh Oppa.
Aku berbaring dan menghela napas. Malam harinya van kami tiba di salah satu stasiun televisi, yang akan menayangkan acara Who’s That Girl itu. Kami bersembilan sudah sampai disana, kami segera masuk ke kamar ganti, dan melihat kostum yang akan kami pakai. Ya Tuhan, kalau Oppa melihat ini, dia marah deh pasti.
Aku mengenakan baju itu. Sebetulnya kami bersembilan sama-sama kurang nyaman dengan baju yang terlalu terbuka, tapi kami menerimanya saja jika masih dalam batas kewajaran. Kami tidak menolerir kalau yang terbuka adalah bagian dada. Kalau kulihat dari ekspresi Taeyeon, dia yakin Leeteuk Oppa akan sangat marah melihatnya memakai pakaian seperti ini, aku ingin sekali Donghae Oppa mengatakan itu padaku.
Aku nekat, aku mencari baju paling ketat dan paling seksi, kukenakan baju hitam itu. Dengan wajah merana.
”Onnie, kau pakai baju itu?!” tanya Seohyun kaget.
Aku mengangguk.
”Yah, kau kenapalah?” tanya Jessica. ”Baju itu terlalu terbuka, Tiffany-ya…”
”Takkan ada yang memarahiku malam ini…” jawabku cuek.
”Kubilang Donghae Oppa lho, nanti…” kata Taeyeon merinding. ”Bajuku ini saja Jagiya-ku pasti ngambek malam ini…”
Sooyoung geleng-geleng. ”Kapan aku ada yang memarahi, ya?”
”Eunhyuk Oppa… Sooyoung bajunya parah nih…” kata Yoona mengeraskan suaranya.
”Yaaaah! Kenapa kau malah bilang ke dia, sih?!”
”Memang kau masih belum bisa menghubunginya, Tiffany-ya?” tanya Jessica heran.
Aku mengangguk. ”Dari kemarin malam, terakhir dia meneleponku juga suaranya aneh. Dia nggak banyak bicara, dan tidak mengomentari penampilanku. Dan pesanku saja tidak dibalas olehnya…”
”Pulsanya habis kali…” usul Yuri.
”Ya ilah, Super Junior kehabisan pulsa… nggak banget deh!” komentar Taeyeon. ”Tapi, jangan-jangan dia ada masalah…”
”Onnie, apa mungkin dia marah padamu?”
Tiffany mengernyit. ”Masa sih?”
”Menurutmu kau membuat salah tidak hari itu?”
Aku berpikir. ”Entahlah, Donghae Oppa itu orangnya tidak ribet, tidak suka ngambek. Kalau Oppa marah ya marah, kalau Oppa kecwa, ya dia pasti akan bilang kecewa, langsung. Tidak pakai ngambek-ngambek gak jelas…”
”Kalau kau bertengkar dengan Donghae Oppa, biasanya gara-gara apa?” tanya Sunny ikutan nimbrung.
Aku berpikir. ”Gara-gara apa, ya… kalau aku marah padanya, biasanya karena dia beradegan mesra dengan gadis lain, tanpa memberitahuku lebih dulu. Kalau Donghae Oppa, marah biasanya karena aku tidak bilang kalau mau mengeluarkan MV baru, atau teaser baru, tapi kalau marah yang serius, biasanya kalau bajuku……” kata-kataku terhenti.
Aku mengingat-ingat lagi. ”Tapi, waktu Donghae Oppa pulang, kita kan belum keluar dari bakcstage.”
”Gara-gara MV, mungkin gak?”
”Yah, emang di MV kenapa?” tanyaku heran. ”Memang bajunya seksi, tapi bajuku kan tidak terbuka. Kostum yang putih, punyaku tangan panjang, yang hitam, kita semua sama… yang beda-beda juga, gaun pendek, itu pun aku pakai stoking gelap.” Aku membela diri.
”Memang sih, bajunya Tiff gak kenapa-napa, kok…”
”Lalu kenapa kau memakai baju ini?”
Aku menghela napas. ”Aku mau membuatnya keluar, dan bertanya ada apa dengannya! Hanya itu yang bisa kulakukan!”

Kami sudah di Makpo. Sudah selesai tampil juga, kami beristirahat di hotel. Yang lain tidur-tiduran, baik di sofa, juga di kasur, aku dan Ryeowook memutuskan untuk menonton televisi. Aku ingat, bahwa reality show itu ditayangkan langsung.
Awalnya seperti biasa host yang muncul, dilanjutkan dengan pengenalan bintang tamu. Aku bisa melihat saudara-saudaraku, Teukie Hyung, Sungmin Hyung, Heechul Hyung, Kangin Hyung, Shindong Hyung, dan si bodoh Eunhyuk.
Mereka nampak rapi-rapi sekali, dengan stelan jas. Heechul Hyung seperti biasa membuat suasana menjadi ramai, karena celetukan-celetukannya yang sering membuat orang tertawa. Kemudian, bintang tamu perempuannya, yang memang disimpan, akan dikeluarkan sekarang. Lampu digelapkan, dan suara samar-samar potongan lagu-lagu SNSD, sampai mereka bersembilan keluar dari atas, dengan diikat oleh sling, langsung menyanyikan lagu Run Devil Run.
Yuri, seperti biasa si montok itu selalu membuat orang bersuit-suit. Siwon sampai bangun hanya untuk melihatnya, ketika bagian Tiffany yang aku tunggu-tunggu, darahku mendidih! Apa yang dia pakai sih?! Bajunya terlalu terbuka, terlalu ketat, dan ekspresinya itu lho! Mengundang‼!
”Waduh! Tumben si Tiff seksi begitu…” komentar Siwon. ”Biasanya Yuri yang paling seksi…”
Aku cemberut parah! Kalau kutelepon sekarang, pasti Tiffany takkan mengangkatnya. Yang membuatku makin marah, ketika para Hyungku dan Eunhyuk memberi komentar akan penampilan mereka. Heechul malah bilang Tiffany mengalahkan Yuri malam ini! Bikin panas aja!
Lucunya ketika akhirnya kesembilan gadis itu dimasukkan ke dalam kotak, dan hanya mengeluarkan tangan saja untuk dipilih oleh Super Junior T, aku malah berdoa semoga Tiffany tetap di dalam kotak, dan tidak memperlihatkan tubuh seksinya lagi! Jujur, memang aku suka melihatnya, aku kan namja… tapi, aku benci jika orang lain melihatnya.
Pertama Eunhyuk, kemudian, Shindong, Kangin, Sungmin, Heechul, dan terakhir Leeteuk yang memilih tangan yang mana. Aku yakin Leeteuk Hyung berusaha untuk memilih tangan Taeyeon.
Aku tegang menunggu. Akhirnya kotak pertama milik Eunhyuk dibuka, betapa terkejutnya, ketika Sooyoung yang muncul dari balik kotak itu. Kami tertawa, setidaknya yang lain, aku masih kesal. Eunhyuk kan sering berantem dengan Sooyoung. Kemudian, Shindong Hyung, yang mendapat Sunny. Kangin dengan Jessica. Sungmin mendapat Yoona. Ketika Heechul hendak membuka kotak, dia mengecup sesaat tangan yang keluar itu, membuat semua orang bersuit-suit. Ternyata itu kotak Tiffany!
Sementara Leeteuk Hyung memang jago, yang keluar dari situ adalah Taeyeon. Setelah jam dua belas malam, aku yakin Tiffany sudah pulang ke dorm, barulah aku keluar dari kamar hotel, dan meneleponnya.
”Ya, Oppa?”
”Iya, ada apa, Oppa?” tanyanya tak acuh.
Aku jadi seram sendiri mendengar nada tak acuhnya, padahal kan aku mau marah, kenapa dia yang cuek gitu. ”Kau dimana?” tanyaku.
”Di dorm.”
”Ada apa dengamu?”
”Maksud Oppa?”
”Kenapa kau menjawabku seperti itu?”
”Memang kenapa? Ada yang salah?”
”Hwang Mi Young!”
”Kalau sudah tak ada perlu kututup.”
”Kata siapa sudah tak ada perlu, aku belum selesai bicara!”
”Aku tidak mau bicara!”
”Memangnya kenapa? Boleh kan aku tidak mau bicara dengamu untuk seharian ini, karena kau juga tidak bicara denganku? Oppa, aku mencoba menghubungimu dua puluh empat jam terakhir, dan kau tak membalasnya sama sekali! Sekarang, dengan enaknya kau mau bicara denganku?!”
Aku menghela napas.
”Apa? Oppa mau bicara apa? Oppa kenapa sih? Kalau ada yang tidak berkenan bilanglah secara baik-baik!”
Donghae menghela napas dalam-dalam. ”Aku marah padamu!”
”Kau kira aku tidak marah padamu!”
”Kenapa kau marah padaku?”
”Karena kau sama sekali tidak menggubrisku! Oppa, tahukah kau aku mengkhawa-tirkanmu? Tapi kau cuek bebek saja, seolah-olah tak ada apa-apa.”
”Kau harusnya berpikir kenapa aku begitu!”
”Justru karena aku tak tahu maka aku menghubungimu!” teriaknya.
Donghae berteriak. ”KARENA BAJUMU ITU! Aku tak tahan melihatnya, aku benci kau mempertontonkan bagian tubuhmu kepada banyak orang!”
Aku sadar aku sudah salah bicara. ”Aku tahu itu bukan maumu,” aku berbisik lirih. ”Tapi aku pun tak bisa mengontrolnya! Aku tak mau marah-marah padamu karena aku hanya Oppa bagimu! Begitu kulihat MV-mu kemarin, aku tak tahan! Apalagi melihat pakaianmu malam ini!”
”Kau melihatnya?”
”Iya! Seharusnya kami yang disana, bukan T!” jawabku kesal. ”Aku tahu kau cantik, dan kau sangat seksi, tapi aku tidak bisa menerima kalau semua orang ikut menikmati itu!”
”Tapi, kenapa?”
Aku tergagap.
”Kenapa, Oppa?” tanya Tiffany sambil menangis. ”Tolong akui sekali saja… kenapa? Kenapa?” tanyanya berulang kali disela-sela isak tangis.
”Karena… karena…” aku bingung mengutarakannya, tapi harus kubicarakan padanya. ”Karena aku tidak suka! Kau milikku, dan aku tak mau kau kubagikan untuk orang lain!”
Aku menghela napas. ”Susah mengatakannya, aku kesana…”
”Oppa, kau di Mokpo sekarang…”
”Tunggu disitu!”
”Tapi, Oppa…”
Aku sudah mematikan ponsel, langsung aku berlari keluar, dan meminta supirku mengantarkanku ke bandara. Semoga masih ada pesawat, aku beruntung. Memang masih ada, pesawat terakhir, harus dengan uang lebih, barulah aku bisa masuk ke pesawat itu.
Dan sekarang aku sudah sampai di depan dorm SNSD. Lampu masih menyala, aku yakin Tiffany memang belum tidur. Aku berteriak. ”TIFFANY-YAAAA… HWANG MI YOUNG!”
Terdengar suara-suara gedabrukan di dalam, dan pintu terbuka, Tiffany muncul. Wajahnya kaget bukan main. Ia sudah memakai kaus biasa, dan celana training biasa. Wajahnya masih eksotis.
Tiffany menekap mulutnya, ”Oppa…”
”Nado saranghaeyo…”
Tiffany keluar, dan aku langsung memeluknya. ”Maaf, ya… aku sama sekali tidak bisa menunjukkan perasaanku. Aku marah karena aku cemburu, aku tidak mau orang melihatmu seperti itu! Aku mau melindungimu…”
”Iya, Oppa…” suaranya lirih karena tangis bahagia.
Aku makin mengeratkan pelukanku. ”Lain kali jangan pakai baju yang tadi! Kau harus menolak!”
Tiffany terkekeh. ”Baju itu aku sendiri yang pilih, harusnya bukan baju itu yang kupakai…”
”Mwo?!” aku melepaskan Tiffany dan menatapnya tajam. ”Ngomong apa kamu barusan?”
”Iya, baju tadi aku sendiri yang pilih! Banyak pilihan baju, tapi aku milih yang itu, Oppa…”
Aku terbelalak. ”Kenapa?!”
”Karena kau mengacuhkanku, Oppa!”
”Kau sama sekali tidak membalas pesanku, tidak menjawab teleponku. Aku bingung harus membuatmu bicara padaku dengan cara apa lagi, maka aku melakukannya!” katanya setengah malu.
Aku terperangah. ”Tiffany!”
”Mian, Oppa… aku takkan melakukannya lagi!”
Aku menjitak kepalanya. ”Kalau kau sampai melakukannya lagi…” ancamku dengan wajah ganas. ”Kau akan kukunci di dalam toilet.”
”Iya, karena hanya aku yang boleh melihatmu seperti itu, arraseo?”
Tiffany mengangguk. ”Oke, Oppa…”
”Saranghae,” dan aku memeluknya lagi, erat. Dia balas memelukku dan membelai punggungku. Aku melepaskannya, dan mengedip nakal. ”Tapi kamu seksi banget kalau begitu, lain kali pakai tapi didepanku saja ya…”
”Oppa!” dia memukul lenganku.
Aku tersenyum dan mencium keningnya, dia kaget. Wajahnya memerah, aku nyengir lebar. ”Kenapa? Kecewa?”
”Iya…” jawabnya jujur, lalu gelagapan. ”Eh, nggak… nggak…”
Tapi aku sudah keburu melumat bibirnya. Awalnya dia kaget, dia cuma diam tanpa membalas, namun lama kelamaan dia mulai menikmatinya, dan membalas segala yang kulakukan kepadanya.